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Oct. 22, 2008

24 Oct

10 am

1 bowl of banana oatmeal

I hate oatmeal. Yet, I bought a box of instant oatmeal when I slipped into one of those “I need to eat better” phase while grocery shopping. Because of that, I suffered through breakfast.

1 pm

Gumbo Pot

1 Cajun meatloaf Po’ Boy

1 side of gumbo ya-ya

1 strawberry lemonade

Today is Abigal’s birthday and I needed to get her a gift. Like most guys, I’m terrible at gift-buying, gift-giving and just being thoughtful in general.  Thank God for Lucy, who told me she wanted this lip gloss for a while. It wasn’t the most personable gift, since I know shit about makeup. But my female co-workers assured me that it’s a thoughtful gesture since I actually asked for advise. If it wasn’t for Lucy, I probably would’ve gotten her a Starting Lineup figure of former St. Louis Cardinal Tom Pagnozzi.  My male co-workers would’ve opined that would’ve been a thoughtful gesture.

Gumbo Pot

6333 W. 3rd St. #312

Los Angeles, CA 90036

4 pm

1 can of sugar-free Red Bull

I know this guy who works on the Red Bull air race. He used to get cases of Red Bull for free. Not only did he offer cans to any guests that visited his house, he’d drink 3-4 cans a day. Holy hell, that’s like Uma Thurman routinely punching him with the Five-Pointed Palm Exploding Heart Technique from “Kill Bill.” He drank that shit like Red Bull was his sponsor. You don’t see Michael Jordan frolicking with Cuba Gooding Jr. while wearing Hanes underwear in real life. That’s just a horrible marketing ploy to make us wear tighty-whiteys so we can attract um, one of the stars of “Boat Trip.” My friend didn’t actually have to drink that much, unless he wanted everyone to notice that he works for Red Bull. I think his employer stopped giving away cases, which is good. I don’t want him to end up like Chris Penn.

8:30 pm

Loteria Grill Hollywood

1/2 order of beef nachos

4 bite-sized tacos

chile rellenos

2 margarita clasica, on the rocks with no salt

1/3 flan

When it opened two years ago in the middle of Farmer’s Market, Loteria Grill was a favorite of mine. Rick Bayless’ Topobolampo in Chicago was the first fancy restaurant I attended as a kid, and I developed an affinity for his high-end regional Mexican cuisine. Los Angeles, despite it’s numerous and great taco stands and burrito joints, only has a few high-end Mexican places. Loteria Grill somewhat filled that void and is very much in the Bayless school of Mexican food, or as much as they could pull off in a tiny kitchen. It’s cheap and convenient, and I must’ve tried everything on the menu.

A few months ago, Loteria Grill opened a full-service restaurant, complete with a full-service bar. The interior is simple, white and boxy, decorated primarily with giant vintage Mexican traveling posters. The margaritas are good, not sweet which is how I like it. And there’s complementary chips with a sauce made out of peppers, tomatoes and peanuts. It’s addictive. The menu, which I was slightly disappointed by, is exactly the same as the food stand. There were three entrees that pop up as regular specials at the food stand that’s a regular at the restaurant. The best one, the taco platter, features 14 bite-sized tacos you can eat with one bite.

Since no one else in the dinner party was up for it, I grabbed the chicharrones (pork skin), which has been stewed down to it’s basest, luxurious qualities, and it’s the best taco on the menu. I also ate a chicken taco with the same tinga sauce that came with the chips, and a nopalito (cactus) taco that was cool and tart.

From the other two entrees, I ordered the only one I’ve yet to try the chile rellenos. It certainly looks good on the plate

But it was my least favorite thing I ate from Loteria. The relleno on the right is filled with black beans, plantains and cheese and covered in black mole. It’s so dense, I couldn’t eat more than a bite. The beans and plantains blended together into a plaster-like consistency, and the plantains added nothing to the flavor. I just ate the mole, which is one of the better ones in LA. The other relleno simply stuffed with cheese, topped with red mole and accompanied by a crumble of chorizo, was much better.

BTW, we ate here for Abigail’s birthday. In lieu of cake, we got her a birthday flan. She enjoyed it very much. All in all, it was a lovely capper to the evening.

Loteria Grill Hollywood

6627 Hollywood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 465-2500


Oct. 21, 2008

24 Oct

10:30 am

Deli Delites

1 peanut butter and jelly sandwich

1 cup of coffee

There are few flavor combinations better than the sweetness of peanut butter and jelly cut with the bitterness of a strong cup of coffee. LA Mill, a super-fancy coffee shop in Silver Lake, serves a PB&J-flavored coffee. It’s um, interesting, and actually taste like a PB&J. But I prefer the actual sandwich and a plain cup of coffee. I should note that I HATE flavored coffees, and when anyone monopolizes the coffeemaker at my office to brew hazelnut or vanilla-flavored swill, I spend all morning swearing, punching refrigerators and throwing eco-utensils at the nearest person. You can actually eat those eco-utensils since they’re made out of corn syrup. Anyway, do not fuck with me before I drink my cup of coffee. And I better be drinking a cup of house blend or French roast.


12:45 pm

Baja Fresh

1 steak baja burrito

1 medium diet Coke

As we were wrapping up lunch, Ryan asked me, “Hey, are you going to take a picture of that?” Fuck, I forgot. That’s why this picture only has the last two bites of my burrito. I have to thank Ryan for helping me keep my blog/personal experiment going. As evident by this past Thursday, I’m starting to slack a little and sometimes need that kick in the pants. Don’t worry though, I promise to refocus myself in providing a mind-blowing visual experience to my readers.


4 pm

3/4 bag of Snyder’s sourdough pretzel nibblers

This was my attempt at a healthy snack. Hey, there’s 0 grams of fat in those pretzels. Although I was very close to getting a bag of Cheez-its from the vending machine instead. 


4:45 pm

2 mini Kit Kats

1 Halloween Hershey’s Kiss

Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean that chocolate should be orange. I can imagine what Hershey’s execs were thinking when they designed that abortion of a Hershey’s Kiss  that’s pictured above. Ooh look, it’ looks like a candy corn. It’s so fun and festive for Halloween. It’s fucking disgusting, that’s what it is. If I wanted to eat something orange, I’ll eat an orange. If I want Halloween-festive, I’ll drive around my neighborhood listening to Slayer, throwing eggs at little kids and destroying pumpkins on people’s stoops. And if I want chocolate, I want it brown and resembling Mr. Hanky Poo. Chocolate that doesn’t look like shit taste like it. That’s a good rule of thumb.


9:30 pm

Gelson’s Market

1 Health Club sandwich (turkey, turkey bacnn, avocado, tomato, sprouts, low-fat mayo on wheat)

side of beets and feta

side of egg salad

1 bottle of diet peach iced tea

I got home from playing basketball around 9:30 in time to watch the last 10 minutes of VH1’s Hip hop Honors and the show-closing performance by Naughty By Nature. How does Naughty By Nature get honored as hip hop legends? Granted, “O.P.P” did a lot to advance my grade-school sex life (i.e., staring awkwardly at girls during chaperoned dances). But I can’t ever remember Naughty By Nature having any influence over hip hop, or being lauded by other rappers, or for that matter, even being respected by other rappers. We’re getting to the point where VH1 is honoring any early to mid-90’s rappers who had one or two hit. I can’t wait until Positive K and Candyman get the honor they deserve.

Gelson’s Hollywood

Oct. 20, 2008

21 Oct

8:30 am

1 bowl of vanilla-almond Special K

I finished the box this morning. I also realized my milk is two days past the expiration date. Eh, it’s nonfat and it doesn’t smell weird. I’m sure it’s OK.


12:30 pm


1 blackened chicken caesar salad sandwich

1 bag of cheddar Sun Chips

1 can of cherry Coke Zero

1 white chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookie

Ah Foodies, once again you have succeeded in keeping me inside the office today. To mix it up, I went for the chicken caesar salad sandwich. This one’s like a chicken caesar salad, except in sandwich form! As Johnny Utah would say, “Whoa…”


2 pm

1 bag of Cheetos

1 can of diet Coke Zero

For some reason, I was really hungry an hour after lunch, so I HAD to eat this bag of Cheetos. I didn’t have a choice.


8 pm

1 bowl of microwavable rice

10 pieces of cheddar Baked Lays chips

1 glass of water

I’m kinda embarrassed to admit this, but I don’t know how to use a rice cooker. I know, I’m Asian and I don’t know how to cook rice. Instead, I buy these microwavable bowls of rice from Asian supermarkets. They’re usually $1.50 each and take 1-2 minutes to cook. They’re so easy, I feel even less pressure to find a nice Korean wife to cook for me, despite my mom’s pleading. The convenience of microwavable rice allows me to date more white girls for the time being.


9 pm

2 slices of wheat toast with Nutella

Nutella is the greatest condiment in the world. If you try to argue with me otherwise, I’ll punch you in the pancreas. Seriously, it’s chocolate and hazelnut that you can spread on anything. ANYTHING. Toast is good. Pound Cake is better. Same with biscuits. I once dipped bacon in there. Like the Tower of Babel, I was overambitious. But by God, it was worth it. I should keep a jar of this in my car in case I’m eating some boring shit while driving. I used to keep a bottle of Tapatio in my glove compartment for that purpose. Maybe I should keep Nutella in my car too. Although it is dangerous to dip a McDonald’s hot apple pie into Nutella and drive at the same time. There’s no way I can eat Nutella, drive and text message at the same time. I can only do two of those things at once.

Oct. 19, 2008

21 Oct

11:30 am

mul naeng myun

12 pieces of kim bap

1 bottle of water

1 white peach

The Korean food of the week is naeng myun, or buckwheat noodles that’s generally served cold. I like it mixed with hot chili paste, sliced turnips and cucumbers. But I almost always eat it in the manner pictured above, in ice=cold beef broth slightly punched up with vinegar and garnished with cucumbers, Asian pears, some of the beef the broth was made with (I usually remove them) and a hard-boiled egg. Sometimes, there are a few ice cubes in the broth to keep it as cold as possible. After the Sesnon fires came within blocks of my parents’ home, I guess my mom wanted to eat something cold and watery for lunch.

Kim baps are like sushi rolls with pickled vegetables, shredded eggs and meat, usually beef. I actually hate the store-bought kind my mom usually gets because the rice tends to get really gluey and it feels like I’m  chewing on paste. But, there was a plate in front of me, so I ate 12 pieces.


4 pm

1 cup of cherry ice cream

4 pm, time for some refined sugar in my bloodstream. Even better with dairy!


7:30 pm

1 bowl of rice

1 pan-fried skirt steak, chopped into strips

12 stalks of asparagus


This is what happens when you live by yourself, don’t cook a lot so you eat whatever leftovers are in the fridge, and eat in the living room while watching game 7 of the ALCS. I use microwavable containers instead of actual plates. Eh, it’s still one step up from eating above a sink, which is what I did in college.

Oct. 18, 2008

21 Oct

9 am

Marie Callendar’s

1 slice of lemon meringue pie

I finally finished the pie I got from Marie Callendar’s on Wednesday.


1 pm

Al Wazir Chicken

1 chicken shawerma plate

1 bottle of diet peach Snapple

This is the one place in my neighborhood where I go to so often, I have a usual. When I walk in, the two cooks in the back start slicing away at the giant cylinder of roast chicken before I order. Al Wazir is essentially a Zankou Chicken knockoff. If you’re not familiar with Los Angeles, Zankou is a popular Middle Easter roast chicken chain most notable for a pungent garlic paste and as of two years ago, matricide

Al Wazir Chicken

6051 Hollywood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90028



3:45 pm


1 pina koolada smoothie

The only reason I got this was because I heard Rupert Holmes’ “Pina Colada Song” earlier and I couldn’t fight this craving. Would’ve been better with rum.


7 pm

Morningstar Veggie Corn Dogs

2 glasses of water

For some reason, I usually buy veggie meat options at the groceries. It’s not for any dietary reasons. Maybe I have no confidence in my cooking ability and think I’ll make myself sick by undercooking corn dogs. Even if hot dogs are normally pre-cooked.

I’d like to take this opportunity to write a quick tribute to my favorite Motown singer, Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops, who passed away on Friday. Singing in a rough baritone, Stubbs was the rawest of the Motown singers. The team of Holland-Dozier-Holland, the Four Tops’ primary songwriters, provided the perfect songs for Stubbs’ emotional style, with wistful songs that looked back at failed relationships like a CSI investigator at a crime scene. Eddie Holland wrote like he had his heart broken one too many times and Stubbs belted out the songs like his heart was breaking at that very moment. On “Baby I Need Your Loving,” Stubbs gently asks for a girl’s love, then begs as if his life depends on it. “7 Rooms of Gloom” might be the most depressing soul song ever. On “Bernadette,” Stubbs literally tries to grab the titular girl with his plaintive wails. And Stubbs turned the buoyant pop song, “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch),” into one of the most desperate love songs ever. RIP to one of the great, honest singers in music.

Oct. 17, 2008

20 Oct

10 am

1 red velvet cupcake

1 cup of coffee

Every Comcast employees found these cupcakes on their desks to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Style Network. As nice a gesture as these cupcakes were, it would’ve been nicer if it wasn’t stale.


1 pm


1 foot-long Spicy Italian

1 bag of Baked Lays

1 medium diet Coke

I live by a Subway and used to go often enough for one of the employees to jokingly call me “Jared.” I didn’t go for a while after that comment.


4 pm

2 buffalo nuggets

2 cherry tomatoes

1 mini Twix

1 mini chocolate chip cookie

1 mini bottle of Diet Coke

Every week at our departmental meetings, they have these mini buffalo nuggets. What kind of meat is in this nugget, you ask? I honestly have no idea. It could be chicken. It might be the fake veggie meat that’s made out of extracted soy gluten. It could be soylent green, I really don’t know. But it is addictive, thanks to the artificial flavor, color and sodium levels packed into each nugget. A week doesn’t feel complete without one or two of these tasty and quite possibly toxic nuggets. I wasn’t even hungry but I had to eat two of them. The tomatoes were to add something natural to that plate. The chocolates were for garnish.



1/2 8″ flatbread cheese pizza

1/2 spinach, blue cheese and bacon salad

1/2 bottle of John Gott Sauvignon Blanc

2 pickles

Abigail and I were suppose to go out with Hilary. But after a LONG week at work, we picked up these random assortments of food and ate in. BTW, that pickle were homemade. Abigail made them while attending the Echo Park Pickle Festival. I had a jar too, but I had to toss my homemade pickles after they got contaminated and were unfit for human consumption.

Oct. 16, 2008

20 Oct

10:20 am

1 bagel with cream cheese

1 pm

Deli Delites

1 Rueben sandwich

3 pm

1 brownie

3:30 pm 

1 chocoloate chip cookie

1/2 cup 2% milk

8 pm

1 bowl of microwavable rice

I forgot to take pictures today. Sorry, I was up late working the night before, and I had a ton of work. Beside, I didn’t eat anything too memorable except for the brownies Chrissie baked for a co-worker’s birthday. But I don’t have a picture that. Instead, here’s one of Ruben Studdard to commemorate my rueben sandwich I ate for lunch.

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