Oct. 4, 2008

7 Oct

12:15 pm


1 double-double with cheese

1 fries well-done

1 diet coke (with 1 refill)

This is my very first post and I thought of blogging after this meal, so there’s no picture. If you do want to see what my meal might have looked like, then go here. I’m going to spare you from yet another fawning tribute to In-N-Out; I can’t add any more to what’s been written at the end of Fast Food Nation. I will talk about their french fries, which I’ve never enjoyed until someone told me about well-done fries last year. I used to find In-N-Out fries soggy and cardboard-like. Yeah, the fries are freshly cut and fried on premise. But they’re not soaked in water to remove excess starch, so the resulting fry is soft and waxy. Getting well-done fries, which are just fried longer, gets the outside crispy. It is greasier, but that just allows the fries to hold onto more salt and that’s a tastier option, I think.



8:00 pm



Salmon and Avocado Roll

1 bottle of Sapporo

a couple of pieces of meat from a shabu shabu bowl

I blame my parents for raising me 1 1/2 miles from Wrigley Field and forcing me into a tortured, fatalistic existence. Someone in “Schindler’s List” says, “the cruelest thing is to give someone hope.” Well, the Cubs won 97 wins with 7 All-Stars, and that gave us Cubs fans hope. Then they take our collective hopes, put it in a paper bag, take a dump in it, light it on fire and stomp on it.  Let the record show that I officially gave up on the 2008 Cubs after the Dodgers took a 2-0 lead in the second inning of game 3. To get out of the house and away from baseball, I kinda invited myself to dinner with Abigal, her sister Emily and their visiting friend Jennifer, who were headed to a haunted house after dinner at a nearby Japanese restaurant in Pasadena.

Shaab is a Japanese izakaya (the equivalent of tapas) restaurant in Pasadena, but I didn’t bother looking at those dishes on the menu. I wanted comfort food, and there is nothing more satisfying to me at a Japanese restaurant than tonkatsu, essentially a deep-fried pork chop. What more can you want from food? It was deep-fried and made out of pig, two of the most delectable attributes possible. The one from Shaab was pretty good, the pork was cooked just past pink and the meat was pretty moist. It came with a mound of shredded cabbage that I couldn’t decide was for decoration or eating. So I ate it. 

After the haunted house (a surprisingly decent one), we went to Lucky Baldwins for a quick drink. We made it there just in time to watch the final outs of the Cubs-Dodgers game with a bunch of drunk, sloven Dodger fans who celebrated like 1945 V-Day after the final out. Fate sure has a way of twisting that knife in Cub fans. God, I hate baseball.


77 N. Raymond Ave.

Pasadena, CA 91103

(626) 683-1150


12:45 am

2 slice of cookies n’ cream ice cream pie from Fosselman’s

This was an impromptu birthday cake for my friend Kim. I got to this party 15 minutes before Kim, who I was suppose to meet. But the host was gracious enough and he brought out the ice cream pie after midnight for her birthday. And anyone who’d go through the trouble of going to Fosselman’s for an ice cream pie is someone I should be friends with. Fosselman’s, for the uninitiated, is the most renown ice cream parlor in the LA area. They use fresh fruit and local dairy products, but the real secret is the high milkfat content of their ice cream, which is slightly higher than normal ice cream. Fat naturally reacts with that part of the palate that’s suppose to register good taste. Mix in a shitload of sugar and even more fat molecules, and you get the dairy crack cocaine that is Fosselman’s. The main problem with them is that they’re located all the way out in Alhambra. I make it out there about once a year and force myself to eat ice cream after eating a ton of Chinese food from the San Gabriel area. And this explains why I ate two slices of ice cream pie at 1 am. Who knows when I’ll ever eat Fosselman’s again. I should also note that I washed it al down with three cans of Hanson’s sodas, although two of them were diet. 


1824 Main St.

Alhambra, CA 91801

(626) 282-6533


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