Oct. 6, 2008

8 Oct

10 am

Deli Delites

yogurt parfait

1 bottle of water

1 cup of coffee

 I showed up to work 30 minutes late because I was up til 2 am playing Rock Band 2, which I picked up on Sunday. Not with other people mind you, I rarely have people over because parking around my neighborhood sucks and my friends secretly hate me. I played a fake plastic guitar by myself for two hours.  Rock Band is more enjoyable than Guitar Hero with a group (though I wouldn’t know), but the guitar tracks are a lot easier. I unlocked 35 songs that night. It’ll probably take another 2 days to complete World Tour on guitar. I guess the drums are next. I can play Rock Band like Dave Grohl recorded the first Foo Fighters album and perform each instruments individually. That sounds pretty fucking lonely and depressing.

Anyway, I ate this yogurt parfait from the deli in the lobby of my office because I didn’t have time to eat a proper breakfast at home.

12 pm


1 turkey and brie sandwich with cranberry sauce

1 bag of cheddar Sun Chips

1 can of Diet Coke

1 white chocolate and macadamia nut cookie

 E! hired a catering service to sell cheap lunches to their employees. For $5, you get either a sandwich or salad, a bag of chips, 1 cookie and a canned beverage. It’s a pretty good deal and the food’s of decent quality for five bucks. It’s also a nefarious plot to keep employees in the office on their lunch break. So I, along with two co-workers named Ryan and Sam, make it a point to take the full 45-60 minute lunch break. That’s break, as in no work. We even thought of a name for ourselves, the “lunch bunch.” I’d say we’re about 3 months from consummating this relationship.

3:15 pm

Deli Delites

1 killer chiller ice-blended coffee drink

 This is the first time I successfully consumed this drink in two tries. The other time, I had the drink in my right hand and raced to duck into an elevator to say hi to a rather attractive girl who was in the elevator. The doors started closing as I entered and it hit my arm, forcing me to drop the ice-blended beverage. It exploded all over the carpeted floor and the designer jeans of another woman at work. It sucked. I paid $4 and only got two sips.

5:30 pm


1/4 turkey sandwich on wheat

 I had dinner plans at 8 pm but got hungry around 5:30. Luckily, my friend Chrissie was willing to split 1/2 a leftover sandwich to tidy me over. I ate it in 2 bites.

8 pm

Bottle Rock

3 cheese plate (Manchego, Ewephoria gouda, Cambazola brie with white truffle honey) – shared

Roasted dates with blue cheese, rosemary, walnuts and prosciutto – shared

1 glass Dom. Georges Vouvrey white wine

Abigail works within blocks of the newly gentrified Culver City area, and Bottle Rock was a perfectly pleasant place to meet for a quick drink and bite. Except it was after 8 by the time we ordered and were famished and snacking plates didn’t fit too well. Look at the cheese plate above. It has a small dollop of brie covered in honey, 1 slice of manchego and 1 slice of gouda, along with some bread and fig paste. All perfectly good and nowhere close to enough food for two people. The dates were good as well, warm, cheesy, salty and delicious. But we were still hungry, so we ordered this:

Truffle grilled cheese made with mochetto – shared

 A very fancy gourmet cheese fried in truffle butter.  Afterward, we weren’t hungry, but not necessarily full. Hence the trip to…

9:40 pm

Cold Stone Creamery

Banana Split Devotion with nonfat, sugar-free ice cream

I got a small cup of Cold Stones ice cream mixed up with bananas, strawberries and God-knows-what-else. I should note that I got it with the fat-free, sugar-free frozen yogurt.  The cup of ice cream actually looks like a tragic by-product from a bowel movement. But it was relatively fat-free, so I ate most of it.


Bottle Rock

3847 Main St.

Culver City, CA 90232

(310) 836-WINE


Cold Stone Creamery


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