Oct. 10, 2008

11 Oct

10 am

1 macaroon

1 chocolate rugala

1 cup of coffee

I was going to buy Pop Tarts from the vending machine, but there was a bag of free cookies in the kitchen. It’s impossible to say no to free food.


12:30 pm

1 tuna melt with a side of fries

1 Diet Coke

I have nothing memorable to say about this meal. I don’t even remember the name of the place we ate. Ryan and I shoveled food into our face to hurry back to work. 


3:15 pm

Sun Chips

3 mini chocolate-chip cookies

5 pieces of bite-sized chocolates (Twix, Crunch, Reeses Cup, Milk Chocolate, Kit Kat)

This is what they serve in a 2+ hour legal meeting about libel and privacy laws. I should note that this was all eaten over a two hour period, although the picture is horrifyingly unhealthy. In my defense, I eat a lot more candy on Halloween. I’ll just pro-rate this snack from Oct. 31.


5:45 pm

1/2 a bbq chicken sandwich from Islands

8 pm

leftover broccoli and carrots

1 can of Diet Hanson’s black cherry soda

1 cup reduced-fat cookies n’ cream ice cream

It’s time for my first reader e-mail! This is from Tara in Los Angeles:

“I noticed you only eat vegetables when you go to your parents. You should eat more vegetables.”

Guilty as charged. I started this blog so I can keep track of what I eat. I do want to eat healthier. I thought some self-introspection will help identify where I should make the necessary changes in my eating habits. Well, after a week of chili-covered quesadillas, plate of candy and deep-fried pork chops, I think I identified some areas that can change. 

I think this week took a toll on me. I had zero appetite on Friday and eventually fell asleep at 11:45. That 1/2 a sandwich was just chicken, bun and sauce. And that container of vegetables I had in my fridge was the only thing that appealed to me. And I ate 3-4 spoons of reduced-fat ice cream as a modest dessert. I like to think that this dinner is the start of a better diet. Let’s see if this sticks.


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