Oct. 13, 2008

14 Oct

10 am

1 Splitz Pop Tart (1/2 strawberry, 1/2 chocolate)

1 cup of coffee

Besides cereal, I also eat a lot of Pop Tarts for breakfast. What can I say, it’s easy and it’s only a $1 in the vending machine. I actually brought this from home. The pink side is strawberry, the other side is chocolate. Those are my two favorite flavors of Pop Tarts so this should be like manna from heaven, right? Eh, it wasn’t that great. The flavors just muddled together. I learned a lesson in life while eating this Pop Tart. Sometimes, it’s better to commit to something completely instead of half-heartedly trying things without reason. Thanks for the advice, Pop Tarts!


1 pm


1 foot-long chicken pizziola sub

1 bag of Baked Lays

1 medium Diet Coke

Since Subway introduced the $5 foot-long (that incessant song  is stuck in my head!), I’ve been going there a lot for my work lunch. I heard business picked up since the deal was introduced, now Subway can’t get rid of it lest they risk losing newfound customers. When Hyundai tried to get rid of their image as a crappy car and draw customers, they had the 10-year unlimited warranty. The problem was, when Hyundai finally got a decent reputation and matching sales, they couldn’t get rid of the costly warranty because customers demanded it. The same thing happened to Subway. They’re stuck with the $5 menu no matter how much food costs rise. At least they’re more honest than Quizno’s, who also added a $5 to keep up with sales. I went to Quizno’s three weeks ago and they tried charging $2 for cheese. Buying a sandwich is now like buying a car with tons of hidden charges that the seller tries to slip in to rip you off. Damn, our economy is messed up if sandwich shops act like this. BTW, the chicken pizziola is a chicken sandwich with pizza sauce and pepperonis. It’s absolutely disgusting.



3 pm

1/2 large-size Kit Kat

I went through hell to get this Kit Kat. Let us count the ways:

1. I had to borrow a dollar from Chrissie because I only had larger bills.

2. For some reason known only to the part of my brain that stopped working for a brief period, I accidentally put the dollar in the soda machine.

3. The soda machine ate my dollar.

4. I had to get a new dollar from my work’s facilities department

What should’ve been a 30 second task took 15 minutes for me to get the Kit Kat in the picture. Christy, my co-worker saw me buying my Kit Kat’s and said, “you know we have free mini-Kit Kats in the supply closet.” GAH!


8 pm

El Guapo

1 plate of Guapo nachos with chicken (shared)

1 glass Diet Coke with 2 refills

Chrissie and I decided to watch the second-half of the Dodgers-Phillies after work at El Guapo, a sports bar close to work. About the game, I would like to ask Joe Torre why he pulled Derek Lowe, who was cruising, in the 5th inning. I know he just pitched on Thursday and you don’t want to wear him out in case there’s a game seven. But it’s a lot harder to get to game seven down 3-1, which is where the Dodgers are now. They gave the Phillies repeated shots at the soft underbelly that is their middle relief. Jonathan Broxton’s matchup with Matt Stairs wasn’t the problem, I’d take that matchup anytime despite the home run. It was the previous moves that were questionable. They could’ve at least kept Lowe in for another inning, then Torre could have more options and less innings to get to Broxton. Torre got good performances from Clayton Kershaw, Chan Ho Park and Hong-Chih Kuo. But he overmanaged and used them too finely. Kuo, who gave up one single before being yanked, was pitching well. Instead, Wade came in right afterward and promptly gave up the game-tying home run to Shane Victorino. The Dodgers almost got to the end with the lead, but Torre managed to win four games while forgetting to win game four. Now they’re one loss from elimination. 

El Guapo

7250 Melrose Ave. #1

Los Angeles, CA 90046

(323) 297-0471



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