Oct. 14, 2008

16 Oct

9:15 am

1 Splitz Pop Tart

1 cup of coffee

 I’m done with Pop Tarts for a while after this breakfast.


12:15 pm

1 salami and mozzarella sandwich

1 bag of Doritos

1 white chocolate and macadamia nut cookie

1 can of Cherry Coke Zero

I worked through lunch and picked up this sandwich from Foodies in the E! kitchen. Useless fact of the day: Ryan gets the salami sandwich so often we named it after him, “The Muldowney.” 


3 pm

1/2 a package of Twix

It’s awesome when someone gets two snacks from the vending machine by accident and they give you the extra one. This happened to Chrissie and I was the benefactor. I shared the other Twix bar with Ryan.


7 pm

1 chanterelle and gruyere omelet with tarragon

1 glass of water

Joel Robuchon, a legendary French chef, used to make any potential hires cook him an omelet to test their skills. A part of me might think that learning how to cook eggs properly will make me an actual cook, albeit an amateurish one who always burn microwave popcorn. I cook with eggs a lot and it’ll appear regularly in this blog. Tonight, I made this omelet with a rather classic combination of gruyere and chanterelles. It came out thin because I used a pan that was a tad too big. I also didn’t fold it too evenly while taking it out of the pan. But it was cooked properly soft and I enjoyed it immensely. Hey, I ate this meal by myself. There was no girl to try and impress, so why bother. 


10:20 pm

Irish Times

10 pieces of pistachios

3 hot wings

3 bottles of Coors Light

There was a vending machine that sold pistachios for 25 cents at Irish Times. I was somewhat hungry but not really, so a small basket of pistachios sounded good. I got 13 nuts. I had to order hot wings to make up for it.

BTW, I didn’t want to go to trivia night, but finishing fourth the previous week left a bad taste in my mouth. This week, with the addition of a fifth member, Dustin, we thought we assembled the Dream Team of Irish Times Tuesday Night Trivia. We had the lead going into the final round, but we did not know the four US states where caucasians are the minorities. I had no idea whites were minorities in California. I live in Beachwood Canyon/Los Feliz area. Who knew the racial makeup of those neighborhoods is not indicative of the entire state?


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