Oct. 17, 2008

20 Oct

10 am

1 red velvet cupcake

1 cup of coffee

Every Comcast employees found these cupcakes on their desks to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Style Network. As nice a gesture as these cupcakes were, it would’ve been nicer if it wasn’t stale.


1 pm


1 foot-long Spicy Italian

1 bag of Baked Lays

1 medium diet Coke

I live by a Subway and used to go often enough for one of the employees to jokingly call me “Jared.” I didn’t go for a while after that comment.


4 pm

2 buffalo nuggets

2 cherry tomatoes

1 mini Twix

1 mini chocolate chip cookie

1 mini bottle of Diet Coke

Every week at our departmental meetings, they have these mini buffalo nuggets. What kind of meat is in this nugget, you ask? I honestly have no idea. It could be chicken. It might be the fake veggie meat that’s made out of extracted soy gluten. It could be soylent green, I really don’t know. But it is addictive, thanks to the artificial flavor, color and sodium levels packed into each nugget. A week doesn’t feel complete without one or two of these tasty and quite possibly toxic nuggets. I wasn’t even hungry but I had to eat two of them. The tomatoes were to add something natural to that plate. The chocolates were for garnish.



1/2 8″ flatbread cheese pizza

1/2 spinach, blue cheese and bacon salad

1/2 bottle of John Gott Sauvignon Blanc

2 pickles

Abigail and I were suppose to go out with Hilary. But after a LONG week at work, we picked up these random assortments of food and ate in. BTW, that pickle were homemade. Abigail made them while attending the Echo Park Pickle Festival. I had a jar too, but I had to toss my homemade pickles after they got contaminated and were unfit for human consumption.


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