Oct. 19, 2008

21 Oct

11:30 am

mul naeng myun

12 pieces of kim bap

1 bottle of water

1 white peach

The Korean food of the week is naeng myun, or buckwheat noodles that’s generally served cold. I like it mixed with hot chili paste, sliced turnips and cucumbers. But I almost always eat it in the manner pictured above, in ice=cold beef broth slightly punched up with vinegar and garnished with cucumbers, Asian pears, some of the beef the broth was made with (I usually remove them) and a hard-boiled egg. Sometimes, there are a few ice cubes in the broth to keep it as cold as possible. After the Sesnon fires came within blocks of my parents’ home, I guess my mom wanted to eat something cold and watery for lunch.

Kim baps are like sushi rolls with pickled vegetables, shredded eggs and meat, usually beef. I actually hate the store-bought kind my mom usually gets because the rice tends to get really gluey and it feels like I’m  chewing on paste. But, there was a plate in front of me, so I ate 12 pieces.


4 pm

1 cup of cherry ice cream

4 pm, time for some refined sugar in my bloodstream. Even better with dairy!


7:30 pm

1 bowl of rice

1 pan-fried skirt steak, chopped into strips

12 stalks of asparagus


This is what happens when you live by yourself, don’t cook a lot so you eat whatever leftovers are in the fridge, and eat in the living room while watching game 7 of the ALCS. I use microwavable containers instead of actual plates. Eh, it’s still one step up from eating above a sink, which is what I did in college.


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