Oct. 21, 2008

24 Oct

10:30 am

Deli Delites

1 peanut butter and jelly sandwich

1 cup of coffee

There are few flavor combinations better than the sweetness of peanut butter and jelly cut with the bitterness of a strong cup of coffee. LA Mill, a super-fancy coffee shop in Silver Lake, serves a PB&J-flavored coffee. It’s um, interesting, and actually taste like a PB&J. But I prefer the actual sandwich and a plain cup of coffee. I should note that I HATE flavored coffees, and when anyone monopolizes the coffeemaker at my office to brew hazelnut or vanilla-flavored swill, I spend all morning swearing, punching refrigerators and throwing eco-utensils at the nearest person. You can actually eat those eco-utensils since they’re made out of corn syrup. Anyway, do not fuck with me before I drink my cup of coffee. And I better be drinking a cup of house blend or French roast.


12:45 pm

Baja Fresh

1 steak baja burrito

1 medium diet Coke

As we were wrapping up lunch, Ryan asked me, “Hey, are you going to take a picture of that?” Fuck, I forgot. That’s why this picture only has the last two bites of my burrito. I have to thank Ryan for helping me keep my blog/personal experiment going. As evident by this past Thursday, I’m starting to slack a little and sometimes need that kick in the pants. Don’t worry though, I promise to refocus myself in providing a mind-blowing visual experience to my readers.



4 pm

3/4 bag of Snyder’s sourdough pretzel nibblers

This was my attempt at a healthy snack. Hey, there’s 0 grams of fat in those pretzels. Although I was very close to getting a bag of Cheez-its from the vending machine instead. 


4:45 pm

2 mini Kit Kats

1 Halloween Hershey’s Kiss

Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean that chocolate should be orange. I can imagine what Hershey’s execs were thinking when they designed that abortion of a Hershey’s Kiss  that’s pictured above. Ooh look, it’ looks like a candy corn. It’s so fun and festive for Halloween. It’s fucking disgusting, that’s what it is. If I wanted to eat something orange, I’ll eat an orange. If I want Halloween-festive, I’ll drive around my neighborhood listening to Slayer, throwing eggs at little kids and destroying pumpkins on people’s stoops. And if I want chocolate, I want it brown and resembling Mr. Hanky Poo. Chocolate that doesn’t look like shit taste like it. That’s a good rule of thumb.


9:30 pm

Gelson’s Market

1 Health Club sandwich (turkey, turkey bacnn, avocado, tomato, sprouts, low-fat mayo on wheat)

side of beets and feta

side of egg salad

1 bottle of diet peach iced tea

I got home from playing basketball around 9:30 in time to watch the last 10 minutes of VH1’s Hip hop Honors and the show-closing performance by Naughty By Nature. How does Naughty By Nature get honored as hip hop legends? Granted, “O.P.P” did a lot to advance my grade-school sex life (i.e., staring awkwardly at girls during chaperoned dances). But I can’t ever remember Naughty By Nature having any influence over hip hop, or being lauded by other rappers, or for that matter, even being respected by other rappers. We’re getting to the point where VH1 is honoring any early to mid-90’s rappers who had one or two hit. I can’t wait until Positive K and Candyman get the honor they deserve.

Gelson’s Hollywood


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