Nov. 23, 2009

23 Nov

8:45 am

1 Korean red bean pastry

1 bottle of water

12:20 pm

India Sweets & Spices

#2 combination (2 vegetable curries, 1 side of raita, 1 side salad, 1 chapati, 1 papadum, 1 veggie samosa)

16 oz. Diet Pepsi

Ah, my first day of unemployment. Do you know what my lunch options are since I’m no longer limited to an hour? ANYTHING I WANT. As long as it’s not too expensive. I have a ton of extra cash sitting in my bank account from paid out sick days and severance. It is really tempting to buy a $45 lunch at Fogo de Chao right now. Or even the lunch buffet at a strip club. Usually, strip club lunch buffets consists of boxes of Domino’s Pizza that patrons can help themselves to. It’s about $20/person, excluding lap dances. Right now, I can afford to splurge.

But I probably should be more prudent. Who knows if I’ll be blaming the economy for a lack of income in 6 months. Last time I was unemployed was two years ago, and I had a rotation of cheap eats around my neighborhood I depended on. Today’s entry is devoted to one of them: the steam tray lunch counter at India Sweets and Spices. $5 gets you a tray with two choices of whatever vegetable curries is on hand. Today, I had cauliflower and green beans, and paneer (Indian cheese with a tofu-like consistency) and peas. Also included is a salad topped with an extremely pungent pickle that I honestly have no idea what it’s made out of, a very tart side of raita, a heaping scoop of rice and a really rubbery piece of chapati (flatbread). Oh, and a fountain drink with free refills. Is it any good? Well, it’s $5. And it’s a LOT of food. But it’s also a lot better than what it should be for that price. An extra $1 gets you a horribly leaden samosa and a papadum (chickpea cracker) that’s like an over-sized Munchos chip. Another $1 on top of that gets you a pretty good lassi (a yogurt drink) and kheer (rice pudding). They have even better food that’s not in steam trays, especially the South Indian specialties. But, I usually just go there with only $5-$6 in cash at lunch. One day, I’ll have enough to buy a $7 dosa.

2 pm

1 cup of Dreyer’s cookies n’ cream ice cream

6:45 pm

Pork mandoo (Korean dumplings)

2 cans of Diet Squirt

10 pm

1 bowl of Boo Berry cereal with skim milk

Boo Berry! This was a sweet going-away gift from my former co-worker Robyn. Boo Berry used to be in every supermarket along with fellow dark breakfast minions Count Chocula and Frankenberry. Now they’re all really hard to find, which is probably for the best. I mean, Boo Berry is mostly sugar. And it’s purple. It is one of the tastier cereals with fake marshmallows though. Fuck Lucky Charms and it’s smug leprechaun. Your cereal sucks, just like Notre Dame football. I have one general rule about cereal with fake marshmallows; don’t eat it unless it has your name in it. So for me, Boo Berry is perfectly acceptable. Especially at 10 pm.


One Response to “Nov. 23, 2009”

  1. Kim Richey November 24, 2009 at 8:26 pm #

    Yay! You’re back to writing. Finally!

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