Nov. 25, 2009

25 Nov

10 am

1 bowl of Rice Crispix

12:30 pm

Jersey Mike’s

1 regular roast beef and provolone sandwich on wheat

1 bag of sour cream n’ chive baked lays

1 diet pepsi

I only went here because my friend Ryan mentioned Jersey Mike’s 20 minutes before. He didn’t mention it in a flattering way. It was expensive for what it is, is how I’d paraphrase him. Doesn’t matter. I tend to have compulsive cravings for the last food item I’ve heard or seen. Like hamsters.

7 pm

Pork mandoos

My mom made these dumplings last weekend and I took a couple of servings home. Mandoos are similar to steamed Chinese dumplings, except instead of being light and delicate, they’re heavy and about as subtle as a punch to the pancreas. They’re like raviolis, except Asian, with pork and a heavier, thicker dough made out of rice flour. So I guess they taste nothing like raviolis and I just got lazy with the analogy. Whatever, I’m keeping my post short today because there’s a Thanksgiving turkey to get ready for. Sweet!

10:20 pm

1 bottle of Stockyard Oatmeal Stout

I’m pretty sure I “accidentally” took my roommate’s last beer. Hey, he didn’t drink it for a month. That’s an even greater disservice to this fine beer.


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