Nov. 30, 2009

30 Nov

12 pm

1 turkey sandwich on wheat with cranberry mayo

mashed potatoes

cornbread stuffing

1 can diet Coke

5 pm

1 banana

6:30 pm

2 turkey mole enchiladas

1 can diet Coke

Finally! All my Thanksgiving turkey leftovers are gone. I made it a personal goal to get rid of it before December, and damned if I didn’t succeed. It’s important to set goals for oneself. It gives meaning to life. God, unemployment sucks.

BTW, there was a 0% chance for me to make my own mole sauce. Just because I’m from the same hometown as Rick Bayless doesn’t mean I can inherently blend 23 ingredients into an intricate sauce. I used store-bought Dosa Maria mole paste diluted with chicken stock. It saved me about 82 steps and 36 hours.

11 pm

Happy Endings

2 slices of pepperoni pizza

a lot of popcorn

God damn alcohol! You’ve foiled the cleverest of plans and the best of intentions one too many times. Don’t eat greasy food late at night, don’t text your ex-girlfriend, don’t do coke off a stripper’s chest like Miguel Ferrer in Robocop… but how can I remain angry at you. You’ve been my best friend in times of need. And, you helped me lose my virginity many years back. Homer Simpson said it best; alcohol is the cause of, and solution, to all your problems. As you can tell by the picture above, alcohol only contributed to bad late-night eating on Monday. Thank God I didn’t wake up next to a coke whore.


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