Dec. 1, 2009

1 Dec

10 am

1 bowl of Reese’s Puffs

Aw shit, Reese’s Puffs. If Budweiser is the king of beer and Jesus is the king of kings, then Reese’s Puffs is the king of sugary cereal. As a kid, I used to take Cocoa Puffs and Peanut Butter Crunch and mix them together to enjoy the best of both worlds. Now the good people at General Mills saved me that hassle. I read the ingredients and they said there’s real peanut butter baked in there, but I honestly can’t taste it. I also can’t taste too much chocolate. Doesn’t matter. Whatever it’s supposed to be, it’s pure awesomeness. After you’re done with a bowl, the milk has a giant oil slick floating on top. It could kill as many baby seals as Exxon-Valdez. Normally the milk turns the color of the cereal. Not this one. It just oozes peanut oil. Who knew that it’d combine with milk to make a delicious morning cocktail.

1:30 pm

2 turkey mole enchiladas

side of Goya brand Spanish rice

1 can of Coke Zero

My friend Ryan helped me polish off the last turkey leftovers. He’s responsible for two of the blogs in the blog roll on your right, with a third on the way. He also contributed this guest post to my friend’s dating website today. What a whore.

7:30 pm

Chiu Song Loo

1 bowl of ja jang myun

1 can of Coke Zero

Ugh. My dad loves bargains, and he loves that this hole-in-the-wall serves ja jang myun, a Korean-Chinese noodle with black bean sauce, for $3. Normally, a serving costs $5-7, so it’s cheap to begin with. For $3, the noodles were insipid and the sauce was flavorless. At least it wasn’t too greasy. And it wasn’t horrifyingly bad. Just boring.

Korean-Chinese cuisine is fairly unknown among my non-Korean friends. They’re not a combination of the two cuisines. Rather, it’s a re-interpretation of Chinese food by Koreans that started about 100 years ago in the port city of Inchon. If you go to a Chinese restaurant and see yellow pickles, then it’s probably not really Chinese.

Ja jang myun, noodles with a black bean sauce mixed with a lot of cooked onions and some meat, is probably the most popular dish. The sauce is fermented, but the flavor’s not pungent. It’s actually pretty mild. Ja jang myun is derived from the Chinese noodle dish zhajiang mian, which has a lot less sauce and more meat. It’s a beloved comfort food among Koreans and the basis for a relatively new (about 30-years-old) Korean tradition called Black Day, which happens to fall around my birthday, It’s when single Korean people eat bowls of ja jang myun to either comfort themselves and/or wallow in their own misery. Do I eat ja jang myun around my birthday? Boatloads.

Other popular Korean-Chinese dishes are jjamppong, a spicy seafood stew with noodles, and tangsuyuk, the Korean version of sweet n’ sour with deep-fried pork or shrimp in an extremely sweet sauce flavored with either oranges or strangely enough, pineapples. I’ll eventually write more about Korean-Chinese food, and it’ll be better than what I ate today. I’m willing to splurge and pay more than $3 next time.

9 pm

1 cup of Dreyer’s cookies n’ cream ice cream


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