Dec. 6, 2009

6 Dec

I forgot to take pictures today. If you’re the type who only likes to look at pictures, tough break.

9 am

1 bowl of Total 100% raisin bran

12:30 pm

2 eggs sunny-side up

1 toasted English muffin

1 bottle of water

3 pm

1/2 an Asian pear

1 orange

4:45 pm

1 mini-Snickers bar

1 bottle of water

8:20 pm

2 gingerbread cupcakes

1 piece of bacon-wrapped dates

a few bites of assorted cheese and crackers

1 piece of German advent calendar chocolate

2 mugs of spiced cider with bourbon

There’s fashionably late, late and really late. My friend Abigail and I showed up really late to a Christmas cocktail party without eating dinner. “We’re going to park ourselves by the food table and eat,” we agreed. When we arrived two hours after the designated start time, we only had cheese, crackers and sweets to pick from. I saw remnants of some meatballs that we missed out on. There were cupcakes though, so that was the main course in our tragically makeshift dinner. At least it was all good. And thank goodness for alcohol. Specifically the spiced cider with bourbon. To dull the hunger pangs, I added even more bourbon. I’d like to raise a toast to mixers that effectively cuts all alcohol, allowing you to drink all too easily on an empty stomach.

Anyway, we now know that showing up two hours late to a cocktail party without eating is a bad idea. Lesson learned. This inevitably led to…

10 pm


1 6-inch Subway Club on wheat

1 bag of Baked Lays

1 16 oz. Diet Coke


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