Dec. 18, 2009

18 Dec

9 am

1 bowl of Total raisin bran

12:30 pm

1 turkey sandwich on wheat


1 can of Diet Coke

3 pm


1 tall 1/2 eggnong, 1/2 non-fat latte

1 bottle of water

Why I decided to go 1/2 nog is beyond me. It wasn’t that good. Next time, I have to go full-nog and not half-ass it. Lesson learned.

9 pm

Hinano Cafe

1 cheeseburger

bag of Frito Lays potato chips

1 pickle spears

3 peppers

1 bottle of Hinano beer

4 1/2 pint mugs of Bud Light

Hinano’s inspires a cult-ish devotion among my friends on the Westside, enough for one of them to throw his birthday party there on Friday. It’s easy to see why, they serve 1/3 pound burgers that are unfussy and just plain good. There might be higher-priced burger places that use fancier meat and try to wow you. But the combination of Hinano’s dive bar setting, a griddle that’s cooked thousands of burgers and accumulated “seasoning” over the year, fresh beef patty that’s always cooked to a spot-on medium, and beer served in ice-cold frosted mugs is formidable in itself and highly enjoyable in it’s own way. I ate everything, accoutrements, beers and all, in about 20 minutes.


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