Dec. 19, 2009

19 Dec

10 am

1 banana

1 bottle of water

12 pm

1 turkey sandwich on wheat


1 can of Diet Coke

3 pm


1 medium chocolate yogurt with raspberries, mixed nuts, milk chocolate crunch

8 pm

Lazy Ox Canteen

grilled beef petite tender

side of french fries

1/4 slice of toast with marrrow butter

1 bottle of Speckled Hen beer

1/2 tangerine custard

1 cup coffee

Back when I had a real job, I used to eat out more. You know, the kind of places with white tablecloth, a separate wine list and waitresses who don’t wear orange booty-shorts emblazoned with the word “Hooters” on the bottom. And I used to write about these places and mention the name of the chef, dissect each ingredient and describe how the mise-en-place worked on the plate. I was like Padma Lashki, without the pregnant bitchiness. But now that I’m on a budget, I eat more at fast-food places, less at restaurants and write less review-type stuff.

It’s probably for the best though. There are thousands of food bloggers out there now, taking pictures of their plates with their phone and ready to write about it on a free publishing site. The truth is, we don’t have the resources of a Jonathan Gold or S. Irene Virbila to go to a restaurant several times, get a handle on the ebbs, flows and recurring strengths or mistakes. What  blog allows us to do is write our viewpoints. I think the world needs a food blog that writes about my daily diet of tacos and my profanity-laden responses. But I can’t afford to be an actual critic, which kinda sucks. I’d love to be able to eat at 5-7 meals without a budget and criticize every minute detail. Who do I need to sexually satisfy to get that job?

I’m mentioning this because I ate at the brand spanking-new Lazy Ox Canteen, and despite it’s buzz-worthiness on food blogs, I can only provide a first impression. Here’s what I liked about the place: the menu is interesting, the food is reasonably priced, service is friendly and they have an interesting selection of beer and wine (including some Japanese ales that aren’t available in the US). My friend’s simple romaine hearts salad with pinenuts and caesar dressing used the best quality of produce I’ve tasted in a while. It actually tasted like, well, lettuce, nowhere close to what you’d find in a supermarket. My giant cut of petite beef tender (the poor-man’s filet mignon) came with a 1/4 slice of toast with a large dollop of bone-marrow compound butter, which was a decadent gift. The meat itself was cooked on-point to medium rare and the fries were kennebac, which is the same potato In-N-Out uses. My friend ordered hand-torn egg pasta with a sunny-side egg on top and it had good flavors. We shared a dessert of tangerine custard with rice pudding on top. The custard was very tart and the rice pudding was soothing.

There were the inevitable rough edges a new place encounters. The pace of our meal was way off; my friend got her pasta well before she finished her salad and it turned gummy from waiting around. The tangerine custard didn’t set properly and was watery. I also didn’t order properly. After my meal, I read other blogger’s takes and they raved about the mussels with house-made sriracha sauce, the braised beef poleron and the pasilla soup. My meal was highly satisfying, but nothing special. Now I wonder if I missed out on a better meal. I could go back several more times to try those dishes and see the full strength of the restaurant. Based on my first impression, the Lazy Ox can turn out some really good flavor profiles, and I probably will come back at some point . But, I’m not getting paid for this, so it may not be for a while. So, I’ll just let this post function like all the other blogs out there, and let my iphone pics speak for themselves.

9:45 pm

Golden Gopher

1 Hoegaarten beer

1 can of Pabst Blue Ribbon

Who show’s up two hours late to his own birthday party? This guy.

10:40 pm


1 can of Pabst Blue Ribbon

12 am

1 slice of Carvel’s chocolate ice cream cake

My second birthday party that night served ice cream cake. Fuck yeah!

NOTE: I’m taking Dec. 20 off. You’re not going to miss much. It’ll be mostly junk food and football. I’ll be back with a Dec. 21 post. In the meantime, check out my Christmas song site: Jingle Blog Rock.


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