Hello 20-10!

3 Jan

This man was Time's 2009 Man of the Year. 2009 sucks. (Source: Time Magazine)

Generally speaking, 2009 sucked. War! Unemployment! Recession! Yankees! When Time Magazine gave their “Man of the Year” award to a guy who’s most noteworthy achievement is guiding our economy to “bad” instead of “disastrous,” well, that’s not a good sign. I was going to return from my two-week holiday break with a 2009 retrospective, but decided against it. Everyone did a top-10 list or wrote an essay bemoaning the year. This blog is not about whining. It’s about eating. Besides, it’s officially 2010, or 20-10, which is how we’re supposed to pronounce it. If you’re the type who corrects someone’s pronunciation of a year, then you’re one fuck-tastic douche. Get off my blog! Otherwise, let’s look ahead to what you can expect from Eat With Joe this year.

More microwaveable meals: Until I’m gainfully employed again, Mama Celeste will be my personal chef.

Regular appearances by individually-wrapped processed cheese slices: What convenient snacking items! I think I’ll eat three!

Even more Korean food: As much as I complain about living in the same city as my mom and her incessant nagging for me to marry a nice Korean girl, I can’t complain about her home-cooked meals. Until I’m gainfully employed, I’ll be bringing back doggy-bags from my visits. That means a lot of repeat posts as well.

Eggs: It’s the one thing I can cook well so I’m going to cook the shit out of them. I might even write recipes like Martha Stewart, and maybe even partake in some inside trading. I ate 12 eggs between Christmas and New Years. And that excludes egg nog, which is probably another dozen, plus an equal amount of bourbon. The Egg Council owes me!

– Subway $5 sandwiches: I go to the Subway on the corner of Hollywood and Gower a lot. A guy who used to work there jokingly called me Jared Fogle. He got a good laugh until I reminded him that he worked at Subway. Asshat. Anyway, we eventually hit it off and he remembered my usual toppings. Year later, I ran into him moonlighting at another Subway in Hollywood and he still remembered my toppings. It’s convenient to have a network of Subway employees at your beck-and-call.

Here’s to another exciting year of food and reckless fiscal decisions. Happy 2010 everyone!


One Response to “Hello 20-10!”

  1. Frankie R January 7, 2010 at 5:39 pm #

    Young man, I find your blog thoroughly immature and offensive.

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