Jan. 8, 2010

8 Jan

9:30 am

Bagel Works

1 sesame bage with lox, cream cheese and onions

1 medium coffee

I overheard the following conversation between two UC-Santa Barbara students this morning:

Girl: I think you should change your sheets.

Guy: (confused silence)

Now use your imagination to fill in the blanks!

1:50 pm


corn tamale and eggs

3 cups of coffee

2 glasses of water

Hugo’s in West Hollywood is a reliable place for celebrity sightings. Sarah Silverman frequents this restaurant and she was there today as well. But I didn’t realize it because my back was to the entire restaurant and my date didn’t mention Sarah’s presence until after she left. There were two other actors that my date noticed but couldn’t place a name to that I missed. Again, my back was to this entire episode of TMZ. Dammit!

BTW, I never mention which of my meals are dates on this site because a level of privacy is important, I think. There should be a clear delineation between food blog and reader, and never the twain shall meet. But I’m mentioning it this one time to explain why I don’t have any pictures today: it’s kinda cheesy to take pictures of your food in front of your date. If you’ve noticed any posts that don’t have photos, there’s a good chance some lucky lady is sharing a meal or two with me. Either that, or I’m too drunk to even think of taking a picture. Now that I laid down that disclaimer, this will be the last time I’m going to mention my dating life on this site.

Although this is a good segueway into something I have to do for another site. My friend at Three Day Rule asked me to contribute a guest dating advice blog for her site. This is akin to asking Gilbert Arenas to do an anti-gun PSA. I have no idea what advice to give, other than don’t take pictures of all your meals in front of your date. I don’t even know if anyone should actually listen to my advice on the affairs of the heart. So if you anyone have any ideas for what I should write about, I’d like to hear them. If Nutella is somehow involved, even better.

7 pm

chicken teriyaki

side of rice

1 bottle of water

10 pm

3 pieces of astronaut ice cream

Holy shit! Astronaut ice cream! Proof that no matter how old you are, things are always cool if it comes from space and has a picture of an astronaut on it. Even if said thing is a dehydrated food product that tastes like a rimjob. In the Natural History museum gift store, an employee was handing out samples of astronaut ice cream and teaching us how to eat it. We’re supposed to let it melt in our mouth, not chew on it like Flintstones tablets. I had no idea astronaut ice cream came with such complex instructions and is that goddamn complicated to eat. Why do those NASA rocket scientists have to make everything daunting for us non-geeky types? I don’t care though. I must have it. I can pretend like I’m floating in space while eating it, and not at a hipster Atlas Sound concert in a museum where we somehow accidentally ended up backstage.

OK, I have one picture from this day. It involves dinosaurs!


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