Jan. 10, 2010

10 Jan

11:30 am

2 piece chicken breast

side of rice

1 bottle of water

2 pm

1 orange

1 Asian pear

2 strawberry fig newtons

1 bottle of water

5 pm

1 apple

7 pm

2 piece tonkatsu

side of rice

side of kimchee

1 can of Diet Pepsi

I have a weakness for tonkatsu, or Japanese deep-fried pork cutlets. In fact, I have a weakness for any deep-fried cutlets. Schnitzel, chicken-fried steak, milanese, milanesa, katsu, the list is long as it is delicious. They’re all variations of the schnitzel and imported to other culture by good ol’ European expansionism, specifically from Germany and Austria (Or rather, Prussia and the Hapsburg’s Austria-Hungary). It’s fairly easy to see why so many different cultures embraced the schnitzel. It’s deep-fried meat!

The tonkatsu is a relatively new creation, whipped up by a Japanese chef who was trying to make a schnitzel for a visiting Austrian ambassador in the late 19th century. There’s now several katsu variations, with chicken being perhaps the most popular choice. They’re topped with either curry or tonkatsu sauce, which tastes like a mix of worcestershire sauce and apple juice. Katsu is popular in other Asian cultures and even Hawaii. For some reason, my mom was convinced that tonkatsu was Korean. When I told her that it’s Japanese, she refused to acknowledge that fact. Considering the historical tension between the two countries, damned if she acknowledges anything she likes as Japanese.


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