Jan. 23, 2010

23 Jan

1 pm

omelet with taleggio cheese

2 slices of wheat toast with grape jelly

1 glass of water

This omelet pissed me off because it stuck to the pan and I couldn’t fold it properly. I somehow shaped it into a semi-recognizable shape, but I’m disappointed by the results in this photo. I’m going to try again in the next few days and hope that it turns out better and more photogenic. BTW, I prefer thin, French omelets that’s slightly runny to the fluffy ones traditionally found at diners, which I find a bit tough. So expect something like that, when I actually make one properly.

7 pm

spaghetti with marinara sauce

1 bottle of Harp’s lager

9:30 pm


3 Maker’s Mark Manhattans on the rocks

2 glasses of Moretti’s beer

Have you ever gone out to meet friends and former co-workers, only to somehow get trapped in an excruciating 20-minute conversation with someone that a friend insist you’ll hit it off with but the only commonality between the two of you is being Asian? Yep, that’s exactly what happened here. Admittedly, I probably had a lot to do with the awkwardness (“So, do you like spaghetti?”). But a conversation is a two-way street, so it’s not entirely my fault. Besides, she WAS eating spaghetti at the time. Anyway, I only mention this because my friend who tried playing cupid, Talia, also co-founded this dating site I’ve mentioned before, Three Day Rule, and I should’ve known that going to one of their mixers would inevitably lead to a “you have to meet my friend. She’s cute and Asian…” Actually, I really do appreciate the effort. If not for people who take the initiative to have their friends collide with each other for potential flirting and whatnot, I’d be at home watching America’s Most Wanted on a Saturday night. And as fulfilling as it is to help catch dangerous criminals, it’s even more fun to go out and talk to attractive girls. Even if that painful conversation made me want to dip my hand in a deep fryer so I can distract myself with a more overt pain. Hey, she was cute, at least.

1 am

Renee’s Courtyard Cafe

1 bottle of Sierra Nevada Ale


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