Feb. 4, 2010

4 Feb

9 am

1 bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats

11:30 am

1 bowl of chicken paprikash (leftovers)

1 bowl of white rice

1 can of Diet Pepsi

2:30 pm


1 tall nonfat latte

6 pm

4 slices of pork belly

side of white rice

1 can of Diet Pepsi

Bobby, a regular reader of mine, made the following observation last week, “I see that you’ve been cooking in more.” Well, that’s what happens when you’re not working. I can’t afford fancy DineLA dinner like you moneyed folks. I don’t mind though. It’s fun to cook. I’ve been doing some actual cooking as opposed to idling on my couch while watching Chopped re-runs (They can’t figure out how to combine shrimp, kale and white chocolate into an edible, presentable dish in 30 minutes for three douchebag judges and the gay foodie from Queer Eye? Losers!). Cooking in also means leftovers, and that extends my daily budget of $8.34 through a couple of meals.

I’ve also been getting free food from friends and families. You’d think that I’d be above accepting free food out of pity, but you’d be wrong. Feed me like a charity case, it’s just as easy as texting “Haiti” to 90999. I’ll even give you a receipt for tax purposes. I even took free food even I worked and could afford lavish feasts. Why not? If I don’t eat it, some other lucky bastard will. If you work at a large company like I did, it’s easy to find a free meal somewhere in the building thanks to birthdays, pregnancies, retirements and what-not. Just ingratiate yourself to the one person you know in that department. Birthday cakes are the easiest to snag. Stand in the background, join in the singing of “Happy Birthday” and wait for a slice of cake to be passed to you. Or, wait until the meeting clears out and take the food before it gets tossed. I once got free gravy from the office kitchen like that. Anyway, these pork belly slices are from a family friend who owns a Korean restaurant, and they inevitably got passed to me. Free=tasty.

7 pm

1/2 pint Ben N’ Jerry’s Phish food

9 pm

1/2 cup cherries


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