Feb. 24, 2010

24 Feb

I ate nothing exciting today. It involved cereal, a trip to the salad bar at Gelson’s Supermarket, and a lot of beer. Instead, I’m going to post an outtake. This was supposed to appear last Wednesday, but I went on hiatus instead. I figured this is a good time to complain about poaching eggs. And I’m going to admit it, this is a mailed-in post.

Poaching eggs shouldn’t be hard, but I find it near impossible in my kitchen. I have this old gas stove that has a slight slope to it. Hence, the left side of my burners is a lot hotter than the right and I always have to rotate whatever I’m cooking to avoid burning one side. This is a minor nuisance most of the time, but when poaching eggs, one always cook faster than the other. It’s also hard to control the flames consistently, so maintaining a precise simmer is impossible. That’s key with poached eggs. If the water boils too hard, the egg will break up. If it isn’t hot enough, then it won’t cook properly.

For some reason, while scraping together a meal with excess vegetables, I decided to try poaching eggs. Sure enough, one of my eggs overcooked completely while the other one was perfect. And there was a brief period where the water boiled and dismantled the eggs’ shape. I added vinegar because that keeps the egg’s protein from dissipating too much. But vinegar also leaves errant strands of egg whites, and the few seconds of violently boiling water shredded my egg whites completely. I did reshape it into a relatively presentable mound with my hands and got one decent poached egg out of this, but what should have been a simple 3-5 minute process was a complete pain in the ass. Anyway, that’s the behind-the-scene account of today’s picture.


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