Feb. 25, 2010

25 Feb

11 am

1 bowl of Chocolate Cheerios

2:30 pm


1/2 grilled chicken panini

1/2 side salad

1 glass of iced tea

2 scoops of ice cream (1 banana dulce de leche, 1 strawberry sorbet)

1 one-bite red velvet cupcake

I always tell my non-LA friends that not everyone in this city is skinny, health-obsessed and good-looking. If you wait in line at Tito’s Tacos late on a Friday night, you’d know that there are some fat people in this city as well. But then I hiked Runyon Canyon on a Thursday afternoon and my friends might be onto something. Runyon Canyon is one of the quintessential LA locales where people go to be seen just as much as they’re there to actually work out. There are a lot of semi-employed actors, most of them are good looking, and they tend to congregate in the same areas. Runyon is one of those places. Let’s just say that I felt self-conscious about not wearing sunglasses and for wearing a bright-orange t-shirt that was too large. Oh well. I don’t know why I’m complaining. The weather was gorgeous and there were a lot of beautiful women wearing skimpy workout clothes. So yes, my non-Angeleno friends. LA can be health and looks obsessed. That can be a good thing sometimes.

7:30 pm

mandoo soup

2 glasses of water

I made mini mandoos, or Korean dumplings, this weekend with pre-made wrappers and a simple pork filling. I planned on posting recipes and taking pictures and whatnot. Unfortunately, I didn’t store them properly, so the dumpling wrappers tore to bits because of excess moisture. It looked like carnage. So, I’m not going to post any pictures, or write anything about it, and will wait until I produce a more proper version.

11:30 pm

2 cans of Peter’s Brand Classic beer

It was my civic duty as someone of Korean heritage to stay up late and watch Olympic women’s figure skating. Might as well drink cheap German beer while doing it! I’m not going to pretend to be a figure skating expert, but as a sports fan, I appreciate transcendent athletes. And I especially appreciate the moments when they unleash their singular ability to destroy everyone. When Michael Jordan demanded the ball in the final second and stared down his defenders, you knew he’d find a way to rip the heart out of his opponent. You got that same sense whenever Kobe Bryant produces his scary underbite, or when Tiger Woods glares at the one putt he can’t miss, a la the 2008 US Open (and not um, the 2009 Las Vegas romp with Jaimee Grubbs). When Yu-Na Kim flashed a smile right before she started her figure skating long program, you got that sense as well. For a 19-year-old girl, one who faces a ludicrous amount of pressure and scrutiny from her home country as arguably it’s most popular athlete ever, to smile right before the biggest moment of her life proves she has that it quality. She annihilated her old world-record score. To beat a skater who performed two triple axels by 23 points is absurd. For comparison’s sake, if the Lakers and Cavaliers meet in a game seven of this year’s NBA Finals, it’s if LeBron James puts up 55 points triple-double and Kobe counters with 65 points and the game-winning nail in the coffin shot. It was that momentous of a performance.

The long program was a good follow-up to Tuesday’s short program, which was one of the most compelling sports moments I’ve ever seen. First, Mao Asada skated the best program by anyone all year and set this year’s highest score. Kim immediately followed and promptly set the world record for highest score. Then Joannie Rochette skated 48 hours after her mother’s passing with her personal best score that generated millions of lumps in viewer’s throats. That’s three impossibly clutch performances. There was no way Thursday could match the short program for drama, but it was compelling for different reasons. Four other skaters posted their personal best scores in a very strong field. Asada, Kim’s main rival, was considered the next great skating prodigy. If she was old enough to compete in the 2006 Olympics, she would’ve been a gold medal favorite. Four years later, Asada is still great and no one before or since can match the ease with which she does triple axels. But after her second-place score was announced, Asada looked dazed, as if a truck just hit her. That’s the same look Karl Malone and Patrick Ewing had when they got bulldozed by Jordan’s Bulls. Like Asada, they were all great. Unfortunately for them, a singular talent happened to come along at the same time.


One Response to “Feb. 25, 2010”

  1. bobby ray February 26, 2010 at 9:32 pm #

    Womens figure skating……..slightly less gay than 2 dudes blowing eachother. Oh wait, that’s men’s figure skating.
    Watching the women is ok if you are thinking bad thoughts.

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