Feb. 27, 2010

27 Feb

11 am

3 eggs, scrambled

2 pieces of wheat toast

One of the few things I prefer eating at home as opposed to restaurants are scrambled eggs. They’re almost always overcooked and rubbery when I order them. I know some people freak out about slightly undercooked eggs, but a lot of restaurants, even the better breakfast places, err on the side of overcooking them. So I implore you to scramble your own eggs at home, they’ll taste better that way.

– Heat a good size pat of butter in a skillet over low heat until they foam

– Whisk three eggs with seasonings and herbs. Pour into pan and let it set for a few seconds.

– When the sides coagulate, push that into the center and let more egg pour to the edge. Then take your spoon or spatula and stir the center of the pan constantly, occasionally folding the edges into the center as well. The eggs should have a near custard-like consistency from not being allowed to sit in the pan for too long.

– As soon as the eggs come together, but while it still looks a little wet, remove from the pan onto a plate. Residual heat will cook the rest of the eggs through.

That’s it. If you cook them any longer, then you’ll have eggs that feels like packing foam. This is very basic, but sometimes it’s good to go over them again.

4 pm


1 tall nonfat latte

6:30 pm

baked rotini with mushrooms and cheese

1 can of Boddington ale

11 pm

1/4 bottle of Grey Goose vodka (!!)

cranberry juice mixer

handful of chips, with accompanying dips

A party I went to had this Buffalo blue cheese dip from Target that had blue cheese AND gorgonzola. I like blue cheese and I like gorgonzola, so this has to be delicious, right? WRONG. There was so much salt in there that it felt like a saline implant exploded in my mouth. My teeth seriously quivered from the amount of sodium it made contact with. It was disgusting, and yet I scooped out 1/4 of the jar with Tostito’s Scoop tortilla chips. Those suckers, shaped like tiny cups, truly do scoop things devastatingly well as the name implies. That’s why I ate so much of the cheese dip. Oh, that and the vodka. God damn alcohol. It makes any disgusting food a good idea. My heart might explode from too much sodium? Who cares, I have Grey Goose.


One Response to “Feb. 27, 2010”

  1. bobby ray March 1, 2010 at 9:58 pm #

    Your plates are gay…you should buy one decent plate for your pics. That pattern ruins it for me.
    It distracts from the food.
    I hope they were a gift or your moms hand-me downs.

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