Feb. 28, 2010

28 Feb

9:30 am

1 bowl of Chocolate Cheerios

12:30 pm

The Shack

Shack Burger with the works

handful of fries

3 glasses of water

In honor of the USA-Canada Olympic gold medal hockey game, I ate a cheeseburger topped with a Polish sausage. The split links could be like two hockey sticks, and the burger patty could represent the puck. Right? I’m just trying to justify the 3,000 calories I consumed for lunch, and what I was thinking when I ordered it. When you bite into a Shack Burger, the grease from the sausage oozes out, melds with the cheese, and permeates the 1/3 pound beef patty into one awe-inducing concoction. None of the ingredients would be special by itself, but melded together, it’s pretty remarkable. It’ll also shave a few years from your life expectancy. The owner kept raving about the burger, but confessed that he rarely eats one. He’s a smarter man than I this afternoon.

I watched the hockey with a few friends including my former college roommate Rob, who’s from Vancouver. Even though they won, someone should put a montage together of Canadian reactions when Zach Parise tied the game with 28 seconds left. If you watched that 1970’s mini-series “Shogun” and remember the scene where a samurai had to commit ritualistic suicide, that’s what it reminded me of. The stunned look on Rob’s face was kinda funny, though I didn’t laugh outwardly lest I drive him over the edge. In a way, it’s fitting that Canada won. They LOVE hockey, while Americans only care if we conveniently have a chance to embarrass another country. We never would’ve shut down major metropolitan centers if we won, but they did in Toronto and Vancouver. And the US population did not drastically decrease after we lost, but I don’t know if I could’ve said the same if it happened to Canada. So congratulations, you hosers, for having a good hockey team and for culling together a wonderful Olympics after an auspicious start. As for us Americans, baseball spring training starts soon. Now THAT’s a sport.

4 pm

1 apple

7 pm

1 bowl of rice

side of kimchee

side of spinach


This dinner was probably for the best, after my burger-Polish sausage lunch.


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