March 2, 2010

2 Mar

9 am

1 bowl of Golden Grahams cereal

11:30 am

1 peanut butter n’ jelly sandwich

1 glass of water

3 pm

Cafe Tropical

1 roast pork sandwich

1 can of Diet Coke

5 pm

Cafe Tropical

1 slice of guava and cheese pie

1 cup of espresso con leche

According to my friend, there are few places in LA that’s better for picking up girls than right outside the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Silver Lake, behind Cafe Tropical. It does makes sense. There are a lot of young, good-looking musician, actress and model types in the neighborhood. They do like to partake in drugs or alcohol sometimes. And there is emotional baggage that makes them desperate for human contact and support. Get me my shotgun ma, cuz I’m ’bout to go shoot some fish in a barrel.

My friend Trevin, who used to live a few blocks up, never actually hit on the recovering junkies streaming out of counseling. He had moral reasons, and he’s married now. I never did too, but only because I’ve never knew about the AA meeting behind Cafe Tropical until now. Don’t put it past me though. I did go to the fifth-year anniversary/memorial for Jeff Buckley in 2002 to scope out some girls. Judging from what I knew about girls in college, a lot of them like to listen to Jeff Buckley, talk about how much of a genius he was, and then hook up afterward. So it only makes sense for those type of girls I knew in college to mourning the death of a guy they felt like they knew through the lyrics printed inside his album cover. Sure enough, there were quite a bit of cute girls at the Egyptian Theater for that memorial looking sad, moping around and giving me a consoling look when I say stuff like, “I can’t believe he’s gone.” The only drawback was that I was probably the only straight guy there. Maybe that’s why girls thought I was safe to talk too afterward at Starbucks. Alas, I only got conversations from that memorial. My “Mojo Pin” stayed to myself that night.

I also should plug Trevin’s film project “Things We’ve Made,” which he was casting a scene for in the same AA meeting space behind Cafe Tropical. Check out the teaser trailer (not from the actual movie). It’s really cool and atmospheric.

Finally, I have a love-hate thing with Cafe Tropical. They make an excellent espresso there and I stop by regularly for coffee. But I’m not a huge fan of the food. Also, eating a puff pastry in your car is a BAD idea. It looked like I had a bad dandruff problem when I exited my car. It was in fact, puff pastry flakes. Although that is a better problem, I guess

9:30 pm

3 bin dae duks

side of rice

2 glasses of water

I grew up devouring stacks of bin dae duks, or Korean pancakes, to this fat kid’s content. They’re similar to pajeon, another type of Korean pancakes, except they’re made with mung beans instead of flour. They both taste fairly similarly, except a bin dae duk might be a bit thicker and more substantial. They both come loaded with the same ingredients, usually scallions, sometimes seafood, and kimchee can be added as well. The ones pictured above had scallions and squids. They’re like Asian crepes, except thicker. I wish I can say that I made this from scratch, but I didn’t. My mom made them and they’re from an instant mix. Either way, they made a fine supper while watching Lost.


2 Responses to “March 2, 2010”

  1. Robyn J. March 3, 2010 at 10:51 pm #

    That guava cheese pastry is my favorite. Also, the popovers are great; as is the cheese croissant. But the cafe con leche (soy) is why I go there.

  2. bobby ray March 3, 2010 at 11:09 pm #

    I’m a big fan of the Tropical. I lived one signal east and I ate there frequently. My old lady doesnt like it so much. She’s not as cool as me tho….

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