March 5, 2010

5 Mar

This is going to be the only post this weekend, and it’s not going to be the usual ones. On Friday, I ate exactly what I had on Thursday, thanks to leftovers, so I have nothing to new write about. And there won’t be a post for Saturday because it’s going to be combined with a meal coming up on Monday. It doesn’t make sense now, but it will on Tuesday.

Now that I confused everyone by mentioning five different days, I’m going to mention Jonathan Gold’s food column in the LA Weekly this past week. Give it a quick read. Notice a similarity to a certain blog? WHAT THE HELL. He took my schtick! Ooh, he had an entire festival named after me at the same museum Notorious B.I.G. got shot at. Well, I ate Mongolian BBQ for two days in a row. If I had an expense account and an actual job, then I can probably eat El Colmao and Elements Cafe in the same week. Although Mario’s Peruvian, Jin’s Patisserie and Cha Cha Chicken is actually more expensive than what he ate in one week. Ah, who am I kidding. I’m complaining because a Pulitzer-Prize winning writer moved into my turf and I am threatened by this intrusion. He has a Pulitzer Prize on his shelf. All I have is a Fantasy Football trophy. There’s no way I’ll get a Pulitzer for “Eat With Joe,” although I would like to tell the Pulitzer Committee that if you read every blog entry at once, it’s kind of like “Gravity’s Rainbow.” With Mr. Gold writing an eating journal, now I know what a mom-and-pop store feels like when Walmart moves in a few blocks away. So Mr. Gold, if you for some reason stumble upon this blog, I beg of you, don’t publish a food journal. You’ve achieved a level of success that I can only aspire to. Let me have this one small corner of the interweb.


One Response to “March 5, 2010”

  1. bobby ray March 7, 2010 at 6:20 am #

    J gold was my hero in the 80’s. He was the food AND rock critic for the LA times Simultaneously. I really couldnt imagine a better job on the planet. Eat at Citrus then go see X someplace.
    Over the years I have emailed him asking for recommendations. He responded more often than not. The last one concerned pancakes. He really wasn’t much help, but the response was printed almost verbatim the next week in his column. I received no credit for the inspiration.

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