March 10, 2010

10 Mar

1 pm

M Cafe de Chaya

BBQ Tempeh Sandwich

side of cole slaw

2 piece spicy tuna roll

glass of water

You’d think that vegetarians won’t crave the taste of meat and would be rather happy with fruits, vegetables and grains, but it also seems like they can’t fight their natural instinct to crave succulent pig. Hence, we get stuff like tempeh, fermented soybean cakes from Indonesia that’s a popular meat substitute for vegetarians. M Cafe is probably the best of the vegan options in Los Angeles, and their BBQ tempeh sandwich tastes pretty good, and more “real” than other vegan places. It’s also substantial, even for a carnivore like myself. M Cafe does offer seafood, like the tuna rolls, and quite a bit of composed salads, so it’s not entirely vegan. It’s more macrobiotic, which I guess is better for us, somehow. M Cafe is one of those eateries that can only exist in a tourist’s stereotype of LA. Not only is it vegan-macrobiotic, but there is a steady stream of celebrities here. I’ve seen Scarlett Johansson twice here. My friend Chrissie saw Jonah Hill on her last visit. Yes, even the fat kid from “Superbad” eats macrobiotic. Such is Hollywood.

3 pm

Sabor y Cultura

1 Tazo green tea

1 lemon bar

7:30 pm

Inn Palace

sesame chicken

side of rice

1 glass of water

This place isn’t good. But it is one block from my apartment.


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