March 11, 2010

11 Mar

10 am

1 banana

1 glass of water

2 pm


1 small Shamrock shake

1 small fries

Last year, I ate my first Big Mac in 15 years at McDonald’s. It was good, but I haven’t craved one since. After that meal, I also got a Shamrock shake, McDonald’s annual holiday “treat” for their customers in the same way that the McRib is a summer “reward.” Now I don’t get why the McRib has a cult audience, and I especially didn’t get why people love the Shamrock shake. It tasted like Listerine to me, and milkshake should not taste like mouthwash. When I want to taste minty and medicinal, I expect to fight gingivitis. When I want to taste cold, vanilla, dairy goodness, I want a milkshake. They shouldn’t be associated with each other. Yet, I did with Shamrock shakes. It was horrible.

But for some reason, I decided to give Shamrock shakes a second chance on Thursday. Even though I’d rather swim with deranged killer whales at Seaworld than admit I’m wrong, I have to say that I sort of enjoyed it. Sort of. That bright-green pool of mint syrup is pretty nasty looking. And there were moments when I got a big gulp of syrup that tasted like mouthwash. But when the syrup-shake ratio was even, it wasn’t bad at all. I actually enjoyed the experience of drinking it. I especially hate to admit that I’m wrong because I’ve argued about the Shamrock shake for a year with my friend Ryan. Voices were raised, and ire was definitely drawn. Well, I’m willing to concede this one point to him and call a truce. Just on the Shamrock shake though.

I also like to dip french fries in milkshake. It’s a habit I got from high school, when I was dating a vegetarian and the only place we could afford to go was McDonald’s. All she got was milkshakes and french fries, and I took a liking to that combination. So in this post, I said that mint milkshake is gross while french fries and ice cream are good. You’re probably wondering if I’m actually qualified to write a food blog, but I think you should give the french fry/milkshake pairing a chance before questioning my taste. And really, there’s nothing more Irish than adding potatoes to a Shamrock shake.

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