March 13, 2010

13 Mar

10 am

chanterelle mushroom omelet

2 slices of buttered wheat toast

1 glass of water

One of the first cooking shows that left a lasting impression on me as a kid was the omelet episode of The French Chef with Julia Child.

I could never get Julia’s omelet technique down. She makes it look so easy, setting up several pans and using one arm and a quick flick of the wrist to make an oblong omelet in 20 seconds. I’ve made many accidental scrambled eggs instead despite many, many attempts at the pan shake. I eventually settled on a more traditional method, and Alton Brown’s technique on Good Eats is much more manageable. I’ve since made hundreds of omelets with this method and it’s my quick go-to meal. Take a look at my picture above. That is one pretty-looking omelet. Normally, I’d run a recipe, but you can make do with either The French Chef or Good Eats videos.

2 pm


foot-long Subway Club on wheat

bag of Baked Lays

20 oz. Diet Pepsi

Saturday was the return of Daylight Savings Time. Subway also priced every regular foot-long sub at $5. This is truly a glorious time we’re living in.

8 pm

Grilled cheese and tomato sandwich on a baguette

2 glasses of Great White Shark ale

11 pm

The Surly Goat

1 pint of Libertine IPA


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