March 17, 2010 (St. Patrick’s Day)

17 Mar

Dillon’s Irish Pub

I am so hungover. I feel sick. Need, water, and, sustenance. Must watch college basketball… hgnkfbfeb…

I found this picture on my phone, so I must have ate chicken strips last night. I don’t think Dillon’s, a supposed Irish pub that recently sprang up on Hollywood and Vine, actually serves Irish food. They had corned beef and hash, and that was the closest thing they had to traditional St. Patrick’s Day fare. But they did have nachos. And chicken strips as well. Those are fine examples of traditional Irish cuisine. I asked the waitress if they’re Irish nachos, and she gave me a weird look and said, “um, I’m going to come back later.” Hey, it’s an Irish bar! I think my request for an Irish version of Mexican food is perfectly reasonable. They also have fish n’ chips and bangers n’ mash, which are actually British. I guess it’s close enough, even if one country did bitterly rule over the other country for many years. They do have Smithwick’s, an Irish ale that’s somewhat hard to find. And, beer is only $3. TIME TO GET BLOTTO.

Not only did they not have Irish food, some of their TV’s were tuned to a Korean news channel, for some reason, which confused my post-racial identity even more. (Am I Korean? Irish? Drunk??) After a while, this made some sense because both Irish people and Koreans like to drink whiskey and punch people they mistaken for leprechauns. GIVE ME THAT POT O’ GOLD! Oh wait, you’re a paid promotional guy handing out free St. Patrick’s day trinkets? My mistake.

This girl was kind enough to let me take a pick of her green beer. Thank you, cute redhead who’s name I don’t remember. FYI, green beer is shitty. Even on St. Patrick’s day.

On a serious note…

Alex Chilton passed away yesterday. He was a huge influence on many of my favorite bands (R.E.M., The Replacements, Wilco) and his band, Big Star was a vital soundtrack to my high school years. It’s weird that I’m going to miss someone whom I’ve never met, but his music meant enough for me to feel his absence. RIP, Mr. Chilton.

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2 Responses to “March 17, 2010 (St. Patrick’s Day)”

  1. Fran March 24, 2010 at 9:36 pm #

    My brother was picked up in an ambulance in front of Dillon’s with a head injury on Saint Patrick’s day around 7:15 pm. He does not remember what happened, and he is still in the ICU. If you know anyone who has information or who was standing in line at that time, please reply.

  2. Joe March 24, 2010 at 10:50 pm #

    I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll ask my friends who were with me that night, and have them ask their friends too. Hopefully, someone has useful information. I hope your brother will be OK.

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