March 18, 2010

18 Mar

9 am

1 bowl of Cocoa Pebbles

12:30 pm





Unemployment sucks most of the time. Not being able to afford food, clothes and shelter gets to you after while. But every once in a while, a day comes along when not working is awesome. The first day of the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament was once such moment. Eight games came down to the final possession. Three buzzer-beaters. Two overtime games. One double-overtime. My heads threatening to explode from excitement like Gus Johnson’s. Thursday was an absolutely gorgeous day in Los Angeles. It was sunny, and a balmy 72. Or so I heard. I stayed home all day soaking up the best slate of basketball I’ve seen in one day. When Danero Thomas of Murray State hit the game-winning jumper to beat Vanderbilt by one in the final seconds, I was jumping and hollering. I have no idea where Murray State is located, or what it’s state capital is. But I picked them to pull the upset in my bracket, so for that one moment, I was the biggest Murray State fan.

I did OK in my brackets. I missed four games, but I had those four teams going to the Sweet Sixteen. I also had Georgetown in the Elite Eight. This is what happens when you trust anyone from Washington D.C. Obama was high on Georgetown and all the Big East teams too, and they’ll probably cost him at the end. For once, I’ll agree with Glenn Beck and say that I should not have listened to Obama. Goddam Hoyas! Obama also picked the women’s bracket for ESPN, and that is unacceptable from the Presidents of the United States. UConn’s going to win. And no one cares about women’s basketball. His time is better served trying to round up enough votes for health care

Anyway, I stayed home all day and ate meat with my hands. Screw utensils! Meat! Sports! ARRRGGGHHH!!!

7 pm


lots o’ food

4 glasses of Chardonnay

At the risk of sounding like a dork, I have to say that libraries are AWESOME. They have free books, free DVD rentals and free wi-fi internet. I don’t know if there is an educational benefit to “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry,” but I’ll rent it for free. I actually haven’t been to a library in years, until this book exchange from Young Literati and Goodreads at the Silver Lake Library, with a reading by Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeffrey Kahn, plus free food and drinks from Gingergrass, a Vietnamese restaurant in Silver Lake. Gingergrass is the type of place where you take people who have never ate Vietnamese food. Everything tends to be sweet, with none of the funky fish sauce tastes, and the cooking is accomplished enough to make the food decent, even if it is bland. They had three different type of banh mis, three type of spring rolls, three types of skewers, and several fried items. I tried eating one of each, but couldn’t pull it off. So yes, libraries can also provide free food and alcohol as well. LeVar Burton never mentioned that.


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