March 19, 2010

19 Mar

9 am

1 NuGo bar

1 bottle of water

12 pm


foot-long Subway Club on wheat

bag of sour cream Baked Lays

1 medium Diet Pepsi

5 pm

mixed nuts

Jelly Belly jelly beans

lots of water

I decided that Jelly Belly’s are diabolical. There are 50 flavors, and your imagination can’t contain the possible awesomeness of a new fruit flavor you concoct. You shove a handful in your mouth. Sometimes, you nailed a perfect combination. I’m partial to anything with fruit flavors. And then you tempt fate with another handful and get something horrible like jalapeno or butter popcorn. EVIL, I SAY. Butter popcorn by itself is pretty good. But mixed with other flavors? It tastes like vomit. They should segregate certain flavors so it doesn’t ruin the other ones. It’s a bad idea for race relations. But for jelly beans? Separate but equal is best. I’m willing to be the George Wallace of jelly beans. But alas, they all co-exist in one homogenous container, both licorice, cream soda and berry blue. And then you try to go out on a high note with yet another handful of Jelly Belly’s, only to be punched in the mouth by sizzling cinnamon, cafe latte and strawberry. God, I hate Jelly Belly’s. But it gnaws at me that my last handful was so bad. I must have more.

9 pm

Corner Pizza

1 slice of cheese pizza

1 slice of veggie pizza

1 slice of sausage pizza

1 can of Hanson’s kiwi strawberry soda

I’d be remissed if I didn’t give props to Corner Pizza in Eagle Rock for helping out my friend’s production by giving him a great deal on crew meals. They gave us two extra-large cheese pizza on the house.

11:30 pm



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