March 20, 2010

20 Mar

9 am


1 sausage and biscuit sandwich

1 small cup of coffee

3 pm

Falafal Arax

1 falafal sandwich

side of turnips

1 can of Coke Zero

Falafal Arax often gets overshadowed by Zankou Chicken one block north. It’s a small, dump of a food stand in a mini-mall, with an equally small menu. Of the menu items, two could be considered the best in Los Angeles. The meat shawerma is encrusted with spices and has a couple of perfunctory tomatoes and a slab of lard directly on top. The fat slowly oozes into the meat as it rotates away on a spit until slices are shaved away for patrons that order it. It’s gristly stuff, but that extra touch of um, fat, makes Arax’s shawerma memorable. I don’t know why other Middle Eastern places don’t skewer lard onto their roasters.

While their shawermas are formidable, Arax’s falafals are incredibly light and fluffy. I avoid falafals at most places because they tend to be soggy and oily, sponges that soak up the frying oil. Arax’s falafals, shaped more like a giant bratwurst than balls, collapses at first bite. Some might find their falafals too light and insubstantial. As for me, this is the only place I willingly buy them.

7:30 pm

1 box of Kraft mac n’ cheese



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