March 22, 2010

22 Mar

9 am

1 brownie

glass of milk

2 pm

Huarache Azteca Restaurante

1 carne asada huarache

1 huitlacoche quesadilla

16 oz. cup of horchata

I think Mexican pizzas at Taco Bell are an abomination, but I have quite of bit of friends who like it. It is a deep-fried tostada with meat and dairy fat, so it has a basic appeal, even if Taco Bell is of questionable quality I suggest to any of my friends who like Mexican pizzas to make the journey to Huarache Azteca, in either Highland Park or by Dodger Stadium, and try a huarache. It’s sort of like a flatbread pizza, though it’s more a sope. A long, oblong mass of masa is pan-fried, topped with meat, onions, crema fresca, cotijo cheese and cilantro. This is the currency most of the customers at Huarache Azteca trade in. Just like a pizza, the crust is paramount, and the huarache’s masa dough is crunchy, slightly spiked with limes and addictive. I got mine with carne asada, but you have numerous options, including cabeza, or the gelatinous meat from a cow’s head, and chicharrones, or stewed pig skin.  The huitlacoche quesadilla, filled with black corn fungus that’s considered the Mexican truffle, is one of the more compelling Mexican dishes you can eat in LA.

4:30 pm

Sabor y Cultura

1 large coffee

1 chocolate-dipped biscotti

9 pm

1 bowl of instant ramen

1 bowl of rice



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