March 24, 2010

24 Mar

9 am

1 NuGo bar


12 pm

Panda Express

1/2 order of orange chicken, beef and broccoli and white rice

1 20 oz. Diet Pepsi

1 pm

Sabor Y Cultura

1 mug of coffee (with 1 refill)

I have nothing exciting to post today. Most of this day was spent working on articles for other websites. Sabor Y Cultura, a coffeeshop on Hollywood Blvd, is usually my second office, the first being my room. The chairs are very uncomfortable and I’m not a huge fan of their coffee drinks. But it’s a bright, open and airy space, everyone is working so I get into a conducive mindset to the same, and the proprieter in the mornings and afternoons is a hot Asian chick. Like Perez Hilton and the Coffee Bean on Sunset Blvd. and Crescent Heights, you can usually find me typing away at Sabor Y Cultura.

8 pm

Panda Express leftovers


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