March 25, 2010

25 Mar

9 am

1 bowl of Cocoa Pebbles

1:30 pm

Wako Donkasu

1 pork tonkatsu


I realize I eat a LOT of tonkatsu. In terms of bang for the buck, Wako’s is a good deal. $10 ($8 at lunch) gets you a pretty hefty piece of pork, a side of shredded cabbage that always comes with tonkatsu for some reason, miso soup, a little bit of turnip kimchee and pickled jalapenos, and a bowl of rice. That’s a lot of food for $10. They also give you a mortar and pestle to grind sesame seeds while you wait for your food. The waitress then pours a sweet katsu sauce in there. It’s about as compelling as drawing with crayons on paper placemats, and it does satisfy whatever primordial instincts you might have while waiting for deep-fried pork. I grinded the shit out of the sesame seeds, just because I could.

7:30 pm

2 Manwich sandwiches

side of cole slaw

handful of Tostitos tortilla chips

2 Black and Tans

In answer to the question on my beer glass, I watch the 11 pm or 1 am Sportscenter, usually.

My former roommate and current Irishman Barry came over to watch college basketball and to do our fantasy baseball draft. He brought Harps and Guinness to make Black and Tans. Because of him, I now expect every Irishman to carry Harps and Guinnes for Black and Tans at anytime, quaff them down with the townsfolk, then get into drunken fisticuffs by a river clear. They showed “The Quiet Man” a lot on TV when I was growing. I’m from Chicago and this is my general impression of the Irish.

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