March 26, 2010

26 Mar

9 am

1 NuGo bar


2 pm

Crazy Rock n’ Sushi


Lunch Combination (1 spicy tuna roll, 5 piece assorted sushi, miso soup)

What can I say about this meal, except that it was easy on the wallet.

5 pm


1 straw-nana berry shake

7 pm

2 Manwich sandwiches

side of cole slaw

I hated sloppy joes as a kid. They were on the school lunch menu 2-3 times a week, and it was awful 2-3 times a week. School lunches, like prison and military food, weren’t designed to be tasty or nutritious. They’re supposed to be cheap and easily eaten. Watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution brought back horrifying flashbacks about my school lunches in the Chicago Public School system, which alternated between sloppy joe and a revolting beef stew they haphazardly called chop suey. As much as I loved junk food, sloppy joes and chop suey were too processed even for me.

As an adult though, I like sloppy joes. I can’t explain why exactly. It’s an easy meal, and it’s essentially meat and ketchup. My friend Abigail likes them, and she was the one who got me to rethink sloppy joes. A couple of years ago, I even threw a dinner party based on sloppy joes. It did not go over too well, unfortunately. I think if people separate themselves from the horrible food of their youth and prepare them with some care, then they might like it. I top my sandwiches with cheese and cole slaw, which adds a nice contrast. I also add cumin, chili peppers, unsweetened chocolate, garlic powder and a heavy dose of black pepper in the sloppy joe mix. In other words, I try to make it taste like chili. I could just make actual chili and serve it on buns. But it then wouldn’t be the sloppy joes that I barely ate as a kid. Even though I detested them then, I still like to hang on to some semblance of it now. So as an adult, I say bring on the Manwich! And as a rapper would say, no homo.


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