March 28, 2010

28 Mar

11 am


Pozole poached eggs

side of potatoes

iced coffee

chips and guacamole

I’ve been to Malo many times, mostly for $1 tacos and/or margaritas, but I’ve never gone for brunch. Seeing Malo in daylight, as opposed to it’s normal dark and crowded interior, gives it a drastically different feel. Nevertheless, sitting outside at the patio on a sunny Sunday morning is very comforting. Like their regular menu, brunch is Mexican food given a slight twist. Hence, my pozole, an ancient Mexican soup of hominy, meat (chicken in this case) and spices had two poached eggs swimming in it. Since I like to add egg yolk to everything, I was happy with it, though it actually didn’t go well with the pozole. My biggest complaint was the portion, it was pretty skimpy. My friends’ meals were all massive, so I seemed to have gotten the one item that didn’t skew that way. The ice coffee, on the other hand, was perfect for a warm, sunny, LA day.

2:30 pm

1 orange

6:30 pm

Galleria Market

hae doe bap

Galleria Market, a Korean supermarket in Northridge with a small food court attached, has a large banner that boasts $5.99 hae doe bap, or sashimi mixed with rice and chili pepper paste. That sale has been going on since September 2009 for what was supposed to be a “limited time.” One day, they will get wise to the fact that seven months does not constitute a limited time and end the discount. And when that day comes, I will stop getting takeout from their food court. Until then, I’ll stop by when it’s convenient. Conversely, keeping regular customers like me might be why that sale has been going on for seven months.

7:30 pm

1 snickerdoodle cookie


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