March 29, 2010

29 Mar

10 am

1 scrambled egg tostada (leftover from Malo)


1 pm

handful of beef jerky

7 pm

egg salad sandwich on potato bread

2 glasses of kosher Coca-Cola

I’m not Jewish, but I still look forward to Passover for one slight reason. Now there’s no reason for me to attend a seder (though I did go last year) and I rarely craved matzah, kugel or gelfite fish. Instead, I get excited for kosher Coca-Cola. During Passover, kosher standards tend to tighten up. Among the casualties is corn syrup, so Coca-Cola rolls out kosher soda around Passover that uses real cane syrup instead. I can be a snob about sodas and strongly prefer sugar over corn syrup. Cane sugar has more depth, isn’t as sickeningly syrup-y and tastes a thousand time better than the corn syrup soda Coca-Cola introduced as “Classic” back in the 80’s after the New Coke fiasco. If you’re wondering, kosher Coke is exactly the same as the Mexican Coke that comes in glass bottles. The only difference is the 2-liter plastic packaging and the yellow cap with Hebrew written on top. Taste and ingredient-wise, they’re both the same. But only one has been blessed by a rabbi.

9:30 pm

7 hard cider samples

cheese and crackers

Everyone has interests and hobbies, but not everyone decides to try and turn that into a living. My friend Brook Bennett decided to give it and go and brew hard cider. I can’t fault a man for wanting to spend his life make alcoholic drinks, so of course I wish him the best. He has a name for his brand, “California Dry,” and even a brewer somewhere north of LA who makes batches of cider for him. Tonight, he had a tasting for three of his varieties. One of his three was well-liked and another had a lot of potential. In other words, he might actually make a living doing this. So you can now rank “making cider” above “blogging” as lucrative hobbies.


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