March 30, 2010

30 Mar

9 am

1 NuGo bar

1 pm

Gelson’s Market

orange chicken, steamed vegetables

1 bottle of grape Vitamin Water

6 pm

1 bag of turkey jerky

1 glass of orange juice

My favorite snack food, of all things, is jerky. I love it and will devour an entire bag with no facade of willpower stopping this voracious hunger. Nutritionally speaking, jerky is about as perfect as snack food can get; it’s all protein, has virtually no fat and is pretty low in calories. If you overlook the fact that there’s enough salt in one bag to abnormally enlarge your heart, then jerky is pretty good diet food.

I primarily ate jerky and drank Diet Coke on set when I worked as a camera assistant on several reality dating shows. The craft service guy learned to get an extra bag just for me. It wasn’t to do me any favors, he just wanted everyone else to get a chance to eat beef jerky as well. Since jerky is all protein and low fat, I’d lose 5-10 pounds on every show. Some people gain weight on set. They might expend 4,000 calories running around on set while consuming 5,000 calories of crew meals, craft service and after-hour drinks. It’s stressful work, and eating helps relieve stress. Jerky happened to be my stress reliever. I’d lose weight at work, then gorge and gain it all back in-between shows. I guess it’s true that everyone in Hollywood has an eating disorder of some sort. I don’t eat a lot of jerky anymore though. It cost about $6-$7 a bag, and that’s a lot for general snack food. The only reason why I ate so much in the first place was because it was free at work. I only bought this bag today because it was on sale for $4. But I couldn’t wait to get home, so I scarfed down the entire 3.25 oz. bag in my car and that ended up being my impromptu dinner. My heart just might explode in my chest because of it.

8:30 pm

4 Chips Ahoy cookies

1 glass of milk


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