April 6, 2010 – Steaks

6 Apr

10:30 am

Oaks Gourmet

1 small coffee

1 strawberry and polenta scone

1 pm

1 bottle of water

3 pm

12 oz. rib eye steak

baked potato with a pat of butter

side of asparagus

3 bottles of Moosehead beer

I bought 9 1/2 pounds of a USDA choice rib-eye roast for $34 from Ralph’s, $60 cheaper than the list price. Five pounds went to my mom and four went to myself. That makes four succulent 1 1/2 thick steaks. I like my steaks rare with just salt and pepper. Three minutes per side on a very hot pan=mighty fine eating afterward. I actually cooked two steaks on two different pans for another article I have to write for another site, about cooking ware. I also have two steaks left to cook. So a more expanded article will come on Thursday. Consider this a teaser, if you will. A delicious teaser.

7 pm


plain, yuzu, coconut yogurt

strawberries, mangos, pineapples, coconut toppings

I might be straight, but I like my frozen yogurt like Sean P. Hayes on Will & Grace: tart and fruity.

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