20 Apr

Like This!

10 am

Nutella and banana sandwich on toast

Inevitably, this sandwich was AWESOME.

2 pm

Buffalo Wild Wings

15 chicken wings (9 hot, 6 Caribbean jerk)

24 oz. glass of Blue Moon beer

I’ve never been to a Buffalo Wild Wings before. I only know it from their horrible commercials that tries to show how they’re the coolest sports bar in the world, when it’s obvious that whoever made this ad has no concept of being a sports fan. I don’t want a game to go on forever. I want my team to crush the other team, leaving blood and entrails in it’s wake. If a game goes to overtime and my team lose, then I get REALLY PISSED, and someone might get punched in the face. Overtime isn’t fun. It’s excruciating. It’s like a life-or-death situation, except it actually isn’t but you think it is. A game that goes on forever is also a pain in the ass. We have lives to get too, women who will inevitably leave us for being ignored too long, and the second game of a triple-header to watch. If I was an ancient Roman, I’d root for the lions to totally annihilate the poor Christians quickly and spectacularly. (that was also the last time the Lions beat anyone. Hi-yo!) It’s more viscerally entertaining that way. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! That’s why if I have no rooting interest in a sporting event, I root for the more entertaining team. I didn’t graduated from Texas Tech University, and I have no idea if they offer a decent education or not. But their football team puts up 50 points a game and throw on every down. So I like them. They keep my short, short attention span from wandering. But if new coach Tommy Tuberville turns them into a normal football team, I probably won’t care if they get swept away by a hurricane. Just keep me engaged, dammit. Anyway, Buffalo Wild Wings’ namesake wings were pretty disappointing. They’re tiny and undercooked. I will say that their hot sauce packs punch, and I was sweaty, mucus-dripping mess while eating these. Classy. At 50 cents a piece on Tuesday, I liked them enough to eat 15 wings.

4:20 pm

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

1 small mocha latte

It was one of those days…

7:30 pm

1 bowl of brown rice


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2 Responses to “4-20”

  1. bobby ray April 21, 2010 at 11:11 pm #

    Did you dine at a chinese prison for dinner?

  2. Joe April 21, 2010 at 11:15 pm #

    I ate 15 wings earlier. Dinner was optional.

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