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April 23, 2010 – Urban Noodles

23 Apr

Like This!

9:30 am

1 banana

1:15 pm

Tender Greens

tuna nicoise salad

1 glass of water

A Tender Greens opened by me in Hollywood. I’m going to write about this some other time, due to time constriction. I’m sure I’ll go again shortly.

3 pm


frozen yogurt (plain, pistachio, coconut, vanilla with chocolate toppings)

5 pm


1 pint of Franziskaner hefeweizen beern

8 pm

Urban Noodles

wonton noodle soup

1 glass of water

I hate to do this, but I have to write a scathing review. Urban Noodle in downtown LA was probably the worst meal I’ve eaten all year. And you’re talking about a guy who ate hash browns and cheap beer for dinner on Monday. That bowl of wonton soup, where to begin? The wontons tasted as if it was freshly thawed after a deep-freeze, and the flavors had that weird hypersensitive tastes that artificial preservatives tend to have had. The noodles were no different from the dehydrated ramen noodles you can get from a supermarket. And the broth was brown, murky and essentially diluted soy sauce. My friend Kim got something called “rice roll noodles,” which ended up being the Korean rice cake dish tteokbokki glaze with an intensely sweet teriyaki-like sauce. She also got tsukemono, or Japanese pickled cabbages. It was the best thing I ate this night, and that was because it was merely bland and not terrible. The biggest travesty in all this was the price, most of the noodles hover around $10. Considering that there are many, many Japanese noodle shops a few blocks away that are much cheaper, this is inexcusable. The reason why I wanted to try Urban Noodle was because it was relatively new and because of its location on a fairly busy block in downtown LA that’s close to several shops, bars and art galleries. A good, casual restaurant would’ve been a godsend in that neighborhood. But alas, it’s a point of contention instead.

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