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Dec. 14, 2009

14 Dec

9:30 am

1 red bean paste pastry

1 cup milk

1:15 pm

Pho Cafe

1 bowl of pho

1 bottle of Coke

My lunch plan with a friend fell through and I ended up at my neighborhood pho spot in hopes of calming the last lingering cough I have. I was originally introduced to Pho Cafe by a former neighbor, of Vietnamese descent who gave the following glowing recommendation, “It’s OK. Better than Gingergrass.” And so it is. The broth is mild with barely a trace of lemongrass, but there is a discerning beef flavor. The primary draw for me to this place is that it’s in my neighborhood. Pho here might not be as good as the ones in San Gabriel Valley, but it’s also a lot easier to get to. The main features for today’s lunch crowd was that every customer (except me) was white and sported a tattoo, flannel shirt, or horned-rimmed glasses. They offer meatballs and tendons, but most of the clientele will stick to steak slices or the tofu and mushroom veggie version. The place doesn’t even have a sign or identifiable marking. You either know it’s whereabout or you don’t. In other words, Pho Cafe is very “Silver Lake.” I will say that my hair was appropriately tousled for the atmosphere.

2 pm


1 tall eggnog latte

You know the holidays are coming up when Starbucks start selling awfully sweet coffee drinks. I’m not a fan of overly-sweet stuff, yet I regularly get them, just to fit into the Christmas spirit. I usually dislike Mariah Carey, but around Christmas, her voice is as calming as a castrato angel. Although I will stab a Santa Claus impersonator if I hear “All I Want for Christmas is You” again. Anyway, egg nog is my favorite of Starbucks’ holiday offering, but I even find that one heavy and overly sweet. But this year is different. Thanks to a tip from Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, I found out that the egg nog latte is made with skim milk this year. It’s a lot lighter, less cloying and much easier to drink. And that was my best Peter King-coffeenerdness impersonation.

6:30 pm


2 cans of Diet Coke

I wish I took a picture of this dish because it can be visually striking. Oh well. I eat it fairly regularly, so I’ll write more about it next time.

Instead, I’m going to rant about the Arizona Cardinals’ awful seven-turnover performance against the San Francisco 49ers. Really? Seven-turnovers? Five sacks? I HOPE YOUR “GOD” DISOWNS YOU AND DAMNS YOU TO HELL, KURT WARNER! And that goes for everyone on Arizona’s offense. BTW, I’m actually a Bears fan. I just had a “friendly” bet on the over/under. Just because it’s a “friendly” outcome doesn’t mean that I can’t wish unpleasant, bleeding diarrhea to strike every member of the Cardinals’ offensive line tonight. I blame Peter King for convincing me that this game would be a shootout. Fuck you, coffeenerd.

9 pm

4 Oreo cookies

1 cup milk

Cookies helped me forget my troubles.

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