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April 2, 2010 – An Ode to Chick-Fil-a

2 Apr

7 am

1 cup of coffee

1/2 cruller

1 NuGo bar

1 pm

1 Blue Moon beer

1:30 pm


1 Chick-Fil-A deluxe sandwich

4 pieces of Chick-Fil-A nuggets

side of waffle fries

medium Diet Coke

I forced my friend Bobby to make a detour to Chick-Fil-A after snowboarding. He’s actually never been before and that is a life that hasn’t been lived yet. I think he enjoyed it. I don’t know how anyone can’t enjoy a delicious fried chicken sandwich, with a side of crispy nuggets to boot. I’ve written about Chick-Fil-A before, and my withdrawal symptons have gotten worse since that last trip. My non-LA readers who are lucky to live close to a Chick-Fil-A might wonder what the big deal is. Well, it’s a HUGE deal when the closest one is an hour away. Conversely, I live 15 minutes from an In-N-Out. I love In-N-Out, but I don’t go there a lot. It’s always there, so I kinda take it for granted. But anytime an out-of-town friend comes to visit, I have to take him/her to In-N-Out because they can’t get it back at home. It’s like manna to them. Chick-Fil-A is the same to me. My predicament is also proof that fast food is addictive. I’m like a freaking junkie without a Chick-Fil-A fix. I WILL STAB YOUR LOVED ONE FOR A SANDWICH. I should also note that this week’s South Park episode about medical marijuana and KFC was one of the funniest episodes ever. Replace KFC with Chick-Fil-A, and that episode is my life.

7 pm

4 slices of Domino’s sausage pizza

LOOK AT THE GREASE THAT SOAKED INTO THE PIZZA BOX. Where is Jamie Oliver when I need him?!

11 pm

The Den of Hollywood

2 Blue Moon beers

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Dec. 3, 2009

3 Dec

10 am

1 bowl of Reese’s Puff’s

1:30 pm

Pollo a la Brasa

1/2 chicken

rice and beans

1 Diet Coke

I drove by this place on Tuesday and HAD to come to this venerable Peruvian chicken joint soon after. If you drive past the intersection of Western and 8th in Koreatown, you’ll notice this small, dumpy shack. It’s actually tough to spot, but it’s also impossible not to smell the burning wood and chicken that covers a 6-block radius. Being anywhere within that radius triggers an insatiable craving. The best way to find the location is to spot the car wash next door and the piles of logs that spill out of the shack, parking lot and the car wash itself. It’s all avocado wood and all destined for a giant spit roaster that produces a towering pillar of heat and smoke up in the air, slowly roasting whatever chicken is slowly spinning in it’s midst. The result is a bird infused with all the smoky flavor without losing any of it’s juiciness. It’s powerfully good. You can opt to embellish the chicken with a spicy aji sauce made out of Peruvian peppers, but it’s not necessary. You get two choice of sides, either soggy fries and salad or mushy rice paired with beans that are easily the best choice.

7:45 pm

12  pieces of mini veggie dumplings

1 can of Coke Zero

Store-bought this time.

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