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Dec. 11, 2009

11 Dec

10 am

1 mini French silk pie

I got this free pie from Tuesday’s taping of “The Bonnie Hunt Show.” My friend works on the show, I have nothing to do during the day, Pee-Wee Herman was the guest, so why not. The only other time I went to a taping, I got a $200 sandwich press, a Tom Colicchio cookbook and a Blu-ray box-set of “Star Trek” season 1. The total retail value was like $300. This time, I got this min-pie from Gelson’s market. Total retail value is probably $3. At least the pie was good. My friend Kim said that I could make a living attending show tapings and collecting free stuff. Sell stuff I don’t want, win the occasional money on game shows, eat free pies, that’s not too shabby. Unfortunately, “The Bonnie Hunt Show” got cancelled, so I won’t get any more free stuff from them. There goes my back-up career plan. BTW, don’t worry about friend. She said she’ll be alright.

2:30 pm


1 steak fajita burrito with guacamole

16 oz. Diet Coke

My friend Lucy told me via IM that her office was getting Chipotle for lunch. I ate this out of sheer envy. I like Chipotle more than I should. Certainly more than Baja Fresh or La Salsa (middle fingers to both of you). And the thought of someone I know eating Chipotle while I don’t is horrifying. That had to be rectified.

7:30 pm

Campbell’s Chunky chicken dumpling soup

1 can of Diet Coke

I officially have a cold. Ugh…

8 pm

4 Oreo cookies

1 cup milk

12:00 am

1 dose of Nyquil

Good night everyone!

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