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Dec. 5, 2009

5 Dec

11 am


1 small Frosty

1 small Diet Coke

The Frosty is what happens when you don’t eat breakfast and you’re running really late to a tailgating party. My friend Ryan wanted to make a detour during our long walk to the site and that ended up being a good idea. It seems that I sometimes get “east” and “west” mixed up and I sometimes get a bit too stubborn about admitting that I’m wrong about directions, so it took two hours or so for us to find the tailgate location. This also came into play when I accidentally led my friends around the entire LA Coliseum to get to our seats when our tailgate location was right outside the proper gate. Hey, at least I get us there. So stop bitching.


4 carne asada tacos

2-3 spoons of potato salad

3 Newcastle beers

1 can of Coke Zero

1 mini chocolate Hostess Donette

The giant platter of carne asada is courtesy of my former cohorts at the Daily Trojan, who organized a reunion at the USC-Arizona game. Reunions are interesting. You see people for the first time in years, and their main memories of you are the stupid shit you did as a 20-year-old. You can be a VP at a large company or a hot-shot blogger who once worked for E!, and they’ll always look at you as the guy who puked and pissed himself at the same time right after a keg stand. Why can’t you people see me for the man I am now?! Honestly, I wrote at the Daily Trojan a year after most of the alums there, so I didn’t know them too well. But thanks to the magic of Facebook, I could see when they had babies or took vacations or couldn’t wait for the workday to end. And we had the shared experience of spending many late hours working on newspapers that half the student population used as makeshift paper towels.

I got a Daily Trojan flashback a couple days beforehand from this profile in the LA Weekly on “Up In the Air” director Jason Reitman. Scott Foundas was my film editor when I edited the Entertainment section. His immense writing skill was evident then, though he had a penchant for turning in 8,000 word articles for a 1,200 word space. I had no idea that Jason was on the staff while I was there; I think he just emailed all his articles in and avoided us staffer types. I guess that didn’t hurt his career. Anyway, reading this article brought back college flashbacks and it continued through the weekend. And all I have to show for my journalism background is this blog.

2 pm

LA Coliseum

kettle corn

Every time I see kettle corn, I buy the biggest bag humanly possible. This one was 4-feet tall. While other former classmates of mine brought their babies to tailgating, I bought this bag of kettle corn. I even named it: Shambo, after that crazy Navy lesbian on “Survivor.” Oh Shambo, you so crazy. Anyway, I always eat half of the kettle corn/surrogate child and give the rest to my mom, who LOVES kettle corn and constantly asks me when she’s getting grandchildren. It kills two birds with one stone. Quite convenient for me.

4:30 pm

2 carne asada tacos

1 mini brownie bite

I’d like to thank the Daily Trojan alums* who organized this for including me in the festivities. And for letting me eat 6 tacos that day. It was good seeing everyone.

Finally, I should acknowledge the general suckiness of USC’s football team this year. Yes, we lost four games and we’re slinking off to the Emerald Bowl, a game I had no idea existed until recently. But, if 8-4 is a failure, then our team is in a pretty good state. I actually worked for the USC football team when Paul Hackett coached there, and they went 6-6. So trust me, it could be a LOT worse. And we’re still better off than UCLA and Notre Dame. With that, if Matt Barkley doesn’t mature and our defense doesn’t improve next year, you can all go to hell. Don’t make me register firepetecarroll.com.


1 bowl of Total 100% raisin bran

* They also collected donations for the American Brain Tumor Association in memory of Christian Ewell, the former sports editor when we were there. You can contribute here.

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