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Dec. 7, 2009

7 Dec

12:30 pm

1 bowl of instant udon noodles

1 can of Coke Zero

It rained today in Los Angeles. It was also cold as shit, about 40-something degrees. For us Angelenos, makes us feel like we got ice cubes on our nipples a la “Showgirls.” One of the worst feeling in life is when you get out of bed on a cold day after spending all night under warm down comforters and blankets. Why would I willingly subject myself to that and leave the warm embrace of my down comforter? Especially when I don’t have a day job? ¬†Fuck. That. I just stayed in bed until I absolutely could not hold my piss in. After I went to the bathroom, I boiled myself some instant udon noodles, the only hot soup-like food product I had at home. All that sodium kept me dehydrated, so I could go back to bed without worrying about my bladder for a while.

5 pm

1 braeburn apple

9 pm

1 chocolate cupcake

2 chocolate chip cookies

A couple of high school students were selling cupcakes and cookies for $1 to raise money for a trip to Australia. I didn’t eat dinner, they had food, so we both helped each other out. My friend Kim surmised that they’d need to sell a LOT of sweets to raise the money. I estimated their target at about 7-8,000 cupcakes and/or pastries. Way to crush young people’s hopes with real life, Kim.

11 pm

The Happy Ending

3 slices of cheese pizza

3 glasses of Bud Light

Not eating dinner+playing dodgeball+going to a sports bar after=horrible, horrible stomach pains. I could’ve eaten a fourth slice, but I reluctantly gave it away. BTW, that’s right, dodgeball. It’s fun to play a sport from our childhood. It’s even more fun after our adult competitiveness stripped the game of it’s innocence and we turned it into cutthroat competition. The Happy Ending became a usual Monday entry because that’s the post-game bar. But my season is now over, so hopefully this is the last time you’ll read about 3 pizza slices close to midnight. Hopefully.

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