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Dec. 9, 2009

9 Dec

9:40 am

Oaks Gourmet

1 breakfast sandwich (2 eggs, basil, fried pancetta on sourdough)

1 small cup of French roast coffee

2 pm


1 small chocolate frozen yogurt with raspberries, almonds and milk chocolate crunch

To stay relevant, Pinkberry now has seasonal flavors. Summer brought coconut (ooh) and passionfruit (hmm), while winter has chocolate. I have to say, their chocolate flavor is fan-fucking-tastic. I like my chocolate dark, intense and bitter like the heart of a Norwegian death metal band. Pinkberry’s is exactly that. None of that wussy milk chocolate for me. Speaking of milk chocolate, they have this new topping called “milk chocolate crunchies.” The Pinkberry employee insisted that I sample it, even though it looked like diarrhea after a dinner of Uncle Ben’s. It might look like shit, but it tastes like HEAVEN. Jesus Christ, it’s delicious. “Milk chocolate crunchies” is essentially Rice Krispies mixed with Nutella. INGENIOUS. I’ve since gone to Pinkberry three times for a hit of this goodness. It’s catching on too because they ran out of this topping by 2 pm. I will start another frozen yogurt war if someone tries to deprive me of my chocolate frozen yogurt with milk chocolate crunchies. Yes, it looks like a prop from “2 Girls, 1 Cup.” But it tastes a lot better than whatever’s in that video.

Speaking of stupid frozen yogurt wars, remember the one in 2007? Only the current soccer conflict between Egypt and Algeria seems sillier. The ironic thing is, Pinkberry, who’s proprietors are Korean, stole the concept from Red Mango, a chain in Korea who rushed into the US market after Pinkberry took off in LA. Now there’s a glut of frozen yogurt places all over the city, primarily Korean-owned, and weaker ones are failing. You’d think that this business model wouldn’t repeat itself and… oh right, food trucks. I’ll save that topic for another post. Actually, I’ll write about it tomorrow. To continue this conversation, I will eat at a food truck for lunch. This blog is finally influencing my diet. Sad.

6:30 pm

Pork mandoo (Korean dumplings)

2 cans of Diet Coke

7:30 pm

3 Oreo cookies

1 cup of skim milk

10 pm

1 bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds

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